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Mrs Sue McDougall, first Secretary of the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society


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Mrs Susanne McDougall was the first Secretary of the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society, which began at its Inaugural General Meeting on 28 January 1953. It changed its name to the Beaumaris Conservation Society in 1970.

Sue McDougall remained an active member of the Society up to the 1974 Annual General Meeting.

Sue, who was the wife of Colin McDougall, was born on 30 October 1919, and died in October 2009. They lived at 3 Haldane Street, Beaumaris. Their son, Andrew McDougall, was elected as the twentieth Secretary of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. at its 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Sue, a member of the Beaumaris Art Group, was a well-regarded artist, as the 2005 retrospective exhibition of her works at the Beaumaris Art Group shows. Her 1987 drawings of several local wildflowers were reproduced, and acknowledged, on Pages 10 and 11 of The Bushlands of Sandringham, which is No. 7 in the Sandringham Environment Series of booklets on local natural features.

Sue stood as the Australian Democrats candidate at the 1982 election for the Victorian Legislative Assembly seat of St Kilda.


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