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Ward’s first election, in 2008, compared with Moysey and Abbott Wards, in



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New Wards Gazetted

See Page 1785 of Victoria Government Gazette

2007-08-02. Moysey
Ward, which was the southernmost ward of Bayside City Council until
November 2008, is the only one of Bayside’s nine former
single-councillor wards that includes no part of Bayside other than
Beaumaris. For the November 2008 postal ballot, all
of Beaumaris is part of the new Southern
, which is the southernmost of Bayside’s three wards, all
being multi-councillor wards. The Southern Ward
elects two councillors by a quota-preferential proportional representation counting


Ward 2008 poll:

*  Open the
candidates’ statements and recommended voting order
circulated to all voters in November 2008, and
SCROLL DOWN to the Southern

Ward statements. Cr Michael
Norris, whose re-election was advocated by BCS Inc,
was elected as one of the two Southern Ward
councillors. See the 2008 poll results

See the statement

by Cr Michael Norris at the 2005
Abbott Ward poll, at which he was elected, and see
the votes
cast at that poll



 Moysey Ward 2005 poll:


the candidates’ statements, and recommended
voting order
, that were circulated to
all voters for the November 2005 Moysey Ward poll.

  *   See

the first preference votes at that 2005

the result of the preferential single-councillor ward
counting system

to produce it.


Percentages of first preference votes were:

Robyn Browne 30.0%, Bridget Hage 27.3%, John
22.7%, Steve Stroud 17.0% and
Justin Gooderham 3.0%.



that 57.3% of voters gave their first preference
vote to one of the two female candidates, with the
three male candidates together receiving only 42.7%,
yet the candidate elected was a male.



Moysey Ward been a
3-councillor ward
with proportional representation counting, the quota
for election would have been 25% plus one vote, so
the two female candidates, Robyn Browne and Bridget
Hage, would have been
elected as a result of their each gaining a quota of
first preference votes, and the remaining candidate
elected would probably have been John Knight as a
result of the transfer of, first Robyn Browne’s, and
then Bridget Hage’s,
surplus votes, assuming that their recommended
order of voting
was widely followed
by their voters.


Moysey Ward been a
2-councillor ward,

proportional representation counting, the quota for
election would have been some 33.34%, so Robyn
Browne would have been first elected, with Bridget Hage likely to be the next
elected, unless at least 10.7 percentage points of
Steve Stroud’s voters
next preferences helped elect John Knight instead.




results for other years and wards for Bayside City Council appear
on the

Victorian Electoral Commission Web site.