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Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society
OFFICERSPRESIDENT                . .    Mr. W. (William) LEECH (to July 1970) 
                    VICE-PRESIDENT      . .    Mrs. (Bea) HOSKING  (PRESIDENT  Aug/Sept. 1970) 
                    HON. SECRETARY    . .    Cr. G. (Geoffrey) GOODE 
                    HON. TREASURER    . .    Mr. A. (Alfred) GILFORD 
                    COMMITTEE:                    Mrs. M. JOHNSTONE, Mrs. W. RIDLAND, Mrs. R. SINCLAIR 
                                                               Messrs. J. (John) IGGULDEN, M. (Michael) JOHNSTONE, (James) McARDLE, 
                                                               C. (Colin) MACRAE, W. (William) RIDLAND
1. MEETINGS:      5 Committee meetings and 2 ordinary general meetings. 
2. BEAUMARIS RESERVES:    A general survey of public reserves was carried out in 1969 by J. (John) IGGULDEN. Most of the committee activities during the year were concerned with the state of these reserves and a short report on the current situation is appended.
3. BEAUMARIS HIGH SCHOOL GROUNDS:    Following complaints of fire hazard by some residents a second clearing was made some weeks ago without prior notice to the school or to the B.T.P.S. which had asked for notice of any further clearing.
4.    CONSERVATION COUNCIL OF VICTORIA:    Our Society is now affiliated with this recently formed state body. 
DELEGATE  G. (Geoffrey ) GOODE.  The National Trust [of Australia (Victoria)] Landscape Preservation Council is no longer in operation and our affiliation with this body now ceases.
5.    PORT PHILLIP CONSERVATION COUNCIL:    This body has continued to be active throughout the year and received the full support of our Society in its conservation program. One of the major items of P.P.C.C. activity – opposition to the establishment of pipe-lines in the Bay – has now been taken over by an independent committee known as the Anti Bay Pipeline Committee. Messrs. J. (John) IGGULDEN, W. (William) RIDLAND, G. (Geoffrey) GOODE were elected as individual members of this committee but there is no formal connection with our Society. 


6.  CAR PARK NEAR RED BLUFF.  Members of our Society took a major part in opposing Council proposals for an extensive car park in this section of the foreshore. The ad hoc Black Rock Foreshore Protection Committee representing local conservation groups and Black Rock residents raised such strong opposition to the proposal that Sandringham Council allowed the proposal to lapse. Our opposition was fully substantiated by the survey carried out last summer by the Port Phillip Authority which showed no basis for the establishment of additional car parks in foreshore areas.
7.  BLACK ROCK & SANDRINGHAM CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION (B.R.A.S.C.A.) was formed at a public meeting in Black Rock sponsored by the Black Rock Foreshore Protection League and has accepted local responsibility for conservation problems in the area. Council activities in Beach Park, notably the Harold Street garbage disposal project and spoil dumping near Red Bluff Wharf, are serious unsolved problems.
8.  NEW COUNCILLORS: It is a pleasure to record the election of Mr C. (Charles) Moore (President of Mordialloc-Beaumaris Coastline Conservation League) as Councillor for Mentone Ward of Mordialloc City Council and the election of Mr. G. (Geoffrey) Goode (Honorary Secretary of the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society) as Councillor for South Ward of Sandringham City Council. Prospects of good conservation policies in these two areas are now greatly increased.
9.  GRAMATAN STREET HEATHLAND RESERVE: This reserve continues to sheler a large variety of heathland flora but much of it is overgrown with tea tree, growth generally is far too rank and weeds are getting hold along the edges. A working-bee from the Society cleared away some of the surplus tea tree but the whole area needs further attention.
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