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for the year ending September, 1974

The Committee has met regularly each month. Early in the year we were concerned with understanding our objectives more clearly; and after discussing a number of ideas a consensus was reached that our objectives were in two related areas:
Conserving our local environment.
2.Promoting an awareness of conservation among the people of Beaumaris.
1.  Conserving our Local Environment

     The Society was involved in the following activities:
     (a)  Plantng Banksia integrifolia at Ricketts Point

As many of the existing trees are dying and threatened by car access the Society obtained permission from the Council to plant 40 trees in the area between the Life Saving Club and the Yacht Club.
These were planted in groups and the Council erected a wire fence around each group to offer protection until they become established.
     (b)  Tea Trees on Table Rock

Along with Mrs Cope, the Society brought to the Council’s attention that the top soil on Table Rock was being eroded away and tree roots were left exposed. If the character of Table Rock was to be preserved, top soil should be replaced and indigenous plants established to help bind the soil.
The Council has brought in top soil and work has commenced.
    (c)  Native Tree Planting

The Society is encouraging Council, and assisting where required, to plant nature strips and car parks with suitable native trees.
A sheme was submitted for the Dalgetty Road closure.
   (d)  Heathland Sanctuary – Gramatan Avenue

Before the Spring growth, a work party was arranged to prune back tea tree and remove weeds.
   (e)  Council Meetings

The Society has arranged for a member to attend each Council meeting and report on any topic relating to conservation.
   (f)  Street Closures

We believe that well-planned street closures can be a significant aspect in improving our environment. We are therefore encouraging Council to hold public meetings to inform and involve the community so that understanding is improved and antagonism reduced.
   (g)  Sea Scouts’ Boat Shed

As the Sea Scouts’ Boat Shed, located on a projecting rock platform, was burnt down, we considered this would be an opportunity to make it less conspicuous and less disturbing to the aesthetic appeal of this coastline, by locating it closer to the hillside next to their present building.
When the M.M.B.W. granted a building permit on the old site the Society lodged an appeal. The hearing for this appeal is 1st October 1974.
2.  Promoting an Awareness of Conservation

     During the year, the Society was involved in the following activiities:
   (a)  Foto Flora

The Society sponsored and arranged an exhibition in the Black Roc k Civic Hall of this well-known photographic competition.
The effort spent by John Halliday and his committee in arranging the exhibition was well rewarded. Over 200 people enjoyed these beautiful slides.
   (b)  Tour of Indigenous Vegetation of Beaumaris

Much of our indigenous vegetation is being crowded out by foreign species to such an extent that the indigenous varieties are not well-known.l
Geoff Goode arranged a tour of the Gramatan Avenue Heathland Reserve and the foreshore to introduce and describe the various species.
   (c)  Affiliations

To assist our involvement in, and awareness of, broader issues, the Society is a member of the following conservation groups:-
Australian Conservation Foundation
Port Phillip Conservation Council
Conservation Council of Victoria

K. (Kenneth) Rendell,