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5th October, 1976

What is the Beaumaris Conservation Society?

It is a group of people resident in Beaumaris who are keenly interested in the quality of their environment.

The Society is also a member of other conservation groups that tackle broader conservation issues. It is currently a member of:

         Australian Conservation Foundation
         Conservation Council of Victoria
         Port Phillip Conservation Council

Many of the Society’s activities during the year have been organizing public meetings aimed at increasing our knowledge of, and sensitivity towards the environment.
PHOTO FLORA                                                                             

Early in the year the Society was host to the Photo Flora Photographic Exhibition of competition slides of flora and fauna native to Australia.

For all those that attended it provided a rare opportunity of focusing attention, with vividness and clarity, on the beauty of our natural environment. We are able to see so much more with the assistance of the photographer’s eye.
LIONS CLUB FAIR                                                                         

A stall was organized and maintained at the Fair in conjunction with Mr Starkey of the Australian Plant Nursery at Springvale, and the Beaumaris Branch of the Bird Watchers’ Guild.

The stall was stocked with plants, mostly indigenous to this area, and books on native birds. We had a constant stream of people buying and inquiring.
FOSSILS NEAR KEEFER’S BOAT SHED                                       
A public meeting was held to learn the importance of the fossil beds in shallow water near Keefer’s Boat Shed. Dr Tom Rich, Curator of Fossils at the Victorian Science Musuem, was guest speaker.

About 100 people heard that this fossil bed was of international significance. From the mammal specimens found here a measurement of time was established that has become an international standard.
PORT PHILLIP BAY MANAGEMENT STUDY                                
The Ministry for Conservation in June invited representatives from the Society to attend a meeting that introduced a study to develop a policy for the management of Port Phillip Bay. The study is expected to last about 15 months.

The study is co-ordinated by Dr Jack Morris, and he will be glad to hear from interested groups and individuals. His address is:

                                 Port Phillip Bay Coastal Management Group,
                                 250 Victoria Parade,
                                 East Melbourne.  3002.
FORESHORE PLANTING                                                                   
Most of the Banksias that were planted 12 months ago are still surviving.

With asssistance from Sandringham City Council, the Society has started two more foreshore planting schemes. One is the old tennis court opposite Burgess Street, where about 150 trees were planted with the aim of returning it to natural splendour. The species chosen were:
                              Banksia integrifolia
                              Casuarina stricta
                              Eucalyptus viminalis

The other area is the Car Park at Ricketts Point. The foreshore vegetation is slowly being eliminated by increasing numbers of motor vehicles. Barricades of timber logs are being erected by Sandringham City Council, and later we plan to sow new indigenous species to replace the dead and dying trees.
SUGGESTIONS, THANKS                                                                   
The Society warmly invites anyone that would like to learn more about or discuss conservation topics or problems to contact the Secretary. If the topic is of sufficient general interest, the Society may arrange a public meeting.

I thank Office Bearers and Committee for their support in managing the year’s activities.
K. (Kenneth) Rendell
Beaumaris Conservation Society