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It gives me pleasure to present this my third Annual Report as President of the Society.


Due to recent changes in my employment however and increased demands on my time both at work and on the homefront, I find that this year must be my last as President of the Society.

In addition, I am concerned that if the Society is to function in step with current issues a change of President at regular, though not too frequent, intervals facilitates opportunities for new enthusiasm and vigor for differing approaches to problems, and for benefits from new contacts, to be introduced.

I feel that, although not obligatory, a three-year term satisfies these criteria and that those opportunities are now due.

This year we restricted meetings to two Committee Meetings on 8th May and 7th August, 1979, in addition to tonight’s Annual General Meeting.

These were sufficient to organise a working bee on three occasions at the Gramatan Avenue Heathland Sanctuary, to move to continue membership of the-
             The Australian Conservation Foundation,

             Conservation Council of Victoria, and

             Port Phillip Conservation Council,
and to deal with other issues and to pay accounts due.

A fall off in participation by members during the year has been noted and in the ensuing year a concentrated effort to involve members of the local community in worthwhile projects may be called for if both our membership lists and finances are to be left in a healthy condition.

Since innovations in the structuring of the Society were passed at the last Annual General Meeting, our organisation is now much more streamlined, there being a maximum of only five persons and three persons required at a General Meeting and Committee Meeting respectively, and that a postal vote is now possible to decide changes in the constitution.

The few matters raised during the year did not give sufficient opportunity to realise the full benefit of these moves, but were enough to confirm that, if necessary, the Society can act quickly and with authority in lending its support to any issues the Committee sees within the Society’s scope of participation.

Again I thank the hard core of members who have remained active within the Society through the year, and I wish the incoming President as much satisfaction as I have gained during my term though knowing the people this Society has brought me in contact with.

Paul Weir