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President’s Report to the 55th Annual General Meeting: 2007-09-13


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1. Planning issues are still a major concern. The green leafy garden settings once typical of Beaumaris are rapidly disappearing. We see blocks where all vegetation is removed prior to construction of 2-storey fence-to-fence houses. We have joined residents in objecting to inappropriate development in the following broad spread of areas:

Cromer Road31A4749124
Deauville Street26

Haldane Street67

Haydens Road5

Morey Road65

North Concourse31A

Olinda Avenue9

Pasadena Avenue9

Pellatt Street8

2. Other issues taken up: These include the skateboard sites proposed, the Key Street car park redevelopment, our opposition to the proposal for a liquor licence for the Ricketts Point Tea House, and the Concourse Structure Plan (Amendment C49 to the Bayside Planning Scheme).

I thank the current councillors of Bayside for their concern in planning matters. New ward boundaries will apply for the 2008 Council elections, with 3 councillors to be elected for the new Central Ward, and 2 to be elected for each of the new Northern and Southern Wards respectively.

3. Affiliations: BCS Inc. continues to be a Member Organization of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc, where two of our members are members of the Management Committee, and of Save Our Suburbs Inc.


4. BCS Inc. Management Committee: Thanks go to all members of the Management Committee for their contribution to the aims of the Society.

  • Ron Morris as Secretary
  • Geoffrey Goode as Treasurer, and also as a source of knowledge on the history of the area and the part that BCS Inc. has played in it
  • Fiona Austin, Ingrid Ashford, Chris Sutton and Rod Nash for their involvement in planning matters
  • Ted Pearce, Heather Stewart and Ted Whittle for their work in the areas of publicity and membership. The April 28th function at the Concourse brought us nearly 60 new members. The total number of members now exceeds 400.
  • Ken Rendell for keeping us informed on issues of importance relating to vegetation in the area
  • Josie Cerbasi and Patricia Glazier for their contributions at Committee meetings and to all the Zone Leaders for distributing material as needed  
Adrian Cerbasi

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