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The former
Sandringham City Council

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  • The former City

    of Sandringham

  • Councillors

    and Mayors of the former City of
    Sandringham, and their periods in office

  • The Sandringham

    Environment Series – Eight booklets on the
    environment of the former City of Sandringham

  • A Supreme
    Court decision on

    trees not being
    allowed to be felled improperly.


    Queen versus the Mayor, Councillors and
    Citizens of the City of Sandringham

    Before the Victorian Civil and Administrative
    Tribunal, or its predecessor, existed to
    settle many administrative

    civil legal disputes in Victoria,
    citizens faced the demanding prospect of
    seeking justice via the issue of a prerogative
    writ in the Supreme Court.

    A landmark case in the Supreme Court of
    Victoria led to a row of some 20 tall Mahogany
    Gums (Eucalyptus

    botryoides) in Linacre

    Road, Hampton, that the Council resolved
    to fell in 1972 being allowed to survive in
    sound order until their age justified their
    removal some 35 years later.

    This case, where large costs were awarded
    against the Council, prompted a significant
    and long-lasting change in the attitude of the
    Sandringham City Council to street trees, and
    that precedent has carried on to influence its
    successor, Bayside City Council.