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Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.
(formerly Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society 1953-70)


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See the campaign to SAVE BEAUMARIS BAY from Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Ltd’s plan to more than TREBLE the area its operations cover, with:


This palaeontologically important National Estate site that is adjacent to the leased area of the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron is unprotected against sudden poorly-justified attack.

Read more on the vulnerability of this significant site by clicking on this 2005
photo of an excavator being allowed to shave off part of the Beaumaris Cliff.


BMYS jetty extends 60 metres from existing filling.  High sea walls would extend 160 m out, 160 m across, & 160 m back on the far side, to thus wall off from public use over 2.5 hectares more sea & seabed.
To show your disapproval at the increasing demolition of mid-century classic Beaumaris homes, and the increase of oversize McMansions, please display this sign on, or a little in from, your front boundary. To receive your free sign, email info@bcs.asn.au and we will get one to you. Thanks for your support.


Much of the indigenous vegetation on Beaumaris residential lots, which constitute most of the land in Beaumaris, is being relentlessly removed despite the VEGETATION ‘PROTECTION’ OVERLAY Schedule 3 in the Bayside Planning Scheme covering all such lots.

See the list of objections that BCS Inc. has made to applications for damaging removal of native vegetation.

Beaumaris Modern organized A CELEBRATION OF BEAUMARIS MID-CENTURY ARCHITECTURE, with a special introduction by Tim Ross, of Modernister fame, which SOLD OUT. You can still follow Beaumaris Modern on Facebook, and help by displaying one of BCS Inc’s free signs on your land.

sec coll

The Victorian School Building Authority undertook wholesale tree removal at the Beaumaris Secondary College site above. To match nearby areas, the Society wants residents to be told that new plants will be 100% indigenous, not the 28% planned.
The takeover of this public land by the Melbourne Cricket Club limits space for trees.

BCS thanks all Bayside councillors and the 861 petitioners that saved the Concourse Green. It is an intact quarter-hectare of lawn and trees without any paving or gravel.
Campaign 2002 still aims to protect that increasingly rare quality, and opposes any loss of, or harm to, any of the trees or lawn area, as was sought in a harmful Beaumaris Concourse Master Plan that fortunately Bayside City Council unanimously modified to omit threats.
It adjoins – and contrasts pleasingly with – the busy Concourse shopping centre.


Bush Tramway Corner is the public land on which the 1930s Beaumaris electric tramway rails used to curve around from Reserve Road into Holding Street.
BCS Inc’s Campaign 2006 seeks to have it kept, and zoned Public Park and Recreation, rather than its present, rather ominous, Residential Zoning

BICYCLE ROAD EXTENSION: View a 75 second video of the 850 metre swathe of foreshore reserve denuded of bushland in 2013 before it was concreted. BCS Inc. officers
walked the foreshore route
in 2007-11 with the 7 MPs below, to show why Bayside City Council and BCS Inc. wanted the Department of Sustainability and Environment and VicRoads
to co-operate to save the foreshore by VicRoads extending and rationalizing Beach Road’s 2-lane motor traffic
Safety Section
to make room for the bicycle road on Beach Road.




Hon. Andrew Robb, then
Liberal MHR, Goldstein

(at right)

 O'Donohue MLC


Edward ODonohue, then Parliamentary Secretary for

Transport (2nd left)


Murray Thompson, Liberal MLA, Sandringham



Andrea Coote, then Liberal MLC, Southern Metropolitan



Georgie Crozier, Liberal MLC, Southern Metropolitan



John Lenders, then Labor MLC, Southern Metropolitan




Susan Pennicuik, Greens MLC, Southern Metropolitan

(2nd left)


Bayside City Council’s sign just east of Cromer Rd, Beaumaris, was one
of many to
thwart rampant foreshore tree vandalism. VicRoads did not make room on Beach Rd
for the bicycle road extension, so Council removed trees it had previously protected.


Click here for a high resolution plan – which can be zoomed in to – of the section of Ricketts Point Landside Reserve where Bayside City Council granted a permit in 2014 to remove eight trees to let machinery enter to repair the landslip problems of 406A Beach Road, Beaumaris, despite its road access being from Lang Street.  

Beach Park signs


Click on photo to see progress here. Campaign 2008B wants
Beach Park’s proliferating signs to be fewer, less obtrusive, & less
list of the 193 signs along the Marine Sanctuary and a photo of each.


BCS Inc. commends Bayside City Council’s success in

rezoning the Concourse bushland above from its inappropriate

Business 1 Zone to a Public Park and Recreation Zone.


BCS Inc. wrote to Bayside City Council suggesting use of
indigenous coastal vegetation to screen the obtrusive blot on the
landscape that Federal law has allowed to be imposed near Surf Avenue .


BCS Inc. thanks Bayside City Council for pursuing its suggestion
that planting indigenous coastal vegetation would partly screen
the stark mobile phone structures at left.

1951 Crown Lands Department aerial photograph of Beaumaris from 3,000 metres

Click on the photograph below to enlarge it and ZOOM into an area of interest.
Also click here for a current Google Earth view of Beaumaris.

An unprecendently large part of 20th Century urban development dating from 1951 was respectful of and sympathetic to the bushland character of the areas newly urbanized then.
That valuing of the indigenous flora was so marked then that today’s indigenous vegetation areas are still the main parts of Beaumaris in which those plants were prevalent in 1951.

The Constitution of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. requires it to defend the indigenous areas, and to encourage restoration of other areas where those plants have been lost.

If you fly over the southern suburbs, Beaumaris is conspicuous because of its widespread green cover of canopy trees, which sets it apart from nearby areas, where roofs dominate.


See the BCS Inc. banner below

Eleven pied cormorants resting in Beaumaris Bay in 2016.
Click on the Society’s battle-scarred banner above to see it in action in 1982.

Click here to visit the website of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc.