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Bayside City Council 2012 Polls: Files of Interest 

First Preference Votes cast in Northern

Central and Southern Wards Distribution of Preferences in Northern

Central and Southern Wards

 150-word Statements & Preference Orders for Northern, Central
and Southern Wards

Election Material Distributed in Southern Ward

Quota for election, after distribution of preferences if needed = 33.34%1st Prefs.
Heather Stewart, who issued no leaflet, but was the first elected
John Knight’s leaflet13.58%
Michael Norris’s leaflet and its insert, which responds to Knight’s claim12.93%
Simon Russell’s leaflet 12.79%
Kornel Koffsovitz, who issued no leaflet10.04%
Laurence Evans’s leaflet Mr Evans was the second elected9.20%
Eddiehausen’s leaflet

Bayside Residents’ Association 1/2 page advertisement in Bayside Leader on 2012-10-11 (est. $2,250.00)

Bayside Review Weekly 1/4 page advertisement on 2012-10-03 & 2012-10-10 ($1,746.36 for the pair)

Beaumaris letterboxing rosters for
Norris leaflet & its insert

Roster for M Norris’s scrutineers

Scrutineers’ observed sample of Southern Ward ballot first preferences

VEC form for candidates’
expenditure declarations

Compare the 2012 polls with the 2008 polls. See also the VEC website.