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charman rd

Beaumaris Foreshore Reserve at left and Mentone Foreshore Reserve at right, at Charman Road, 2007-03-07

To enlarge it, click on the zoomable high resolution photo of the Beaumaris Foreshore Reserve and sea above. Up to and to the left of Cliff Grove is part of the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site, which was placed on the Register of the National Estate. It is in the longest section of the Bayside foreshore reserve with no car parks or buildings.

The Mentone Foreshore Reserve, which starts at the right of the junction of Charman and Beach Roads above, has an artificially renourished sandy beach in front of a masonry sea wall behind which is what were the vertical white clay cliffs in Tom Roberts’s 1887 painting, until they were sloped back and vegetated in the 1930s.

This innermost part of Beaumaris Bay was saved in the late 1960s by Beaumaris Conservation Society and Mordialloc-Beaumaris Conservation League helping to convince the then Mordialloc City Council to reject a proposal by Jackson Bros Marine to build a large marina here.

See the indigenous plants and the pest plants recorded on this section of the

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.