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TitleBeach Park, Beaumaris: bicycle pathHouseCOUNCILActivityAdjournmentMembersPENNICUIKDate25 June 2008Page2501

Beach Park, Beaumaris: bicycle path

Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) — My adjournment matter is for the
Minister for Roads and Ports in the other place. Beach Park, from Cromer Road to Charman Road on the Beaumaris foreshore, is a fine stand of indigenous coastal bushland. It is the longest section of foreshore reserve in Southern Metropolitan Region that is not concreted or built over. The Beach Park bushland reserve has an additional important status, as it is also part of the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site on the register of the National Estate, and details of its indigenous flora are included in its citation.

As the committee of management of this permanent public reserve under the Crown Lands Act, Bayside City Council has twice approached VicRoads and the minister seeking a 300-metre extension to the section of Beach Road that is single lane each way. So far the council has met a brick wall.

The Cain government converted this section of Beach Road to one lane each way for safety reasons. The extension of the single-lane section would augment the safety of Beach Road and allow for the edge of the bitumen, which at present is 1 metre wider than in other sections, to be combined with the existing narrow grass verge and then be incorporated into the extension of the existing Bayside bicycle path. This would avoid or greatly minimise any intrusion into the adjoining Beach Park bushland. If this minor change to Beach Road continues to be denied, the present missing link in the Bay bicycle trail either will not be built or will unfortunately be built in such a way that it will damage this significant stand of remnant coastal bushland reserve.

These parcels of remnant flora, wherever they are in Victoria, are more precious every day because we have already lost so much due to residential and commercial development and road building.

The road configuration sought is simply an extension to an existing, much longer section that already borders part of the area in question. It could easily be a win-win solution.

I understand that the Beaumaris Conservation Society (BCS) has contacted the minister to request a meeting. My request is that the minister meet with members of BCS at Beach Park, Beaumaris and walk with them along the subject part of Beach Road, as Mr Thompson, the member for Sandringham in the other place, Mrs Coote and I have already done, to see for himself the bushland in question and the proposed solution of extending the single-lane section of Beach Road to accommodate the missing link in the Bay bicycle trail.