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BCS Inc. Regulation No. 3:

‘Nominations for Elections of Officers and Zone Leaders at General Meetings’

1.   This Regulation was made by a resolution of the Committee of Management of the Association, in accordance with Rule 27 of the Constitution, at its meeting on 12th June 2003, under the common seal of
the Association. The purpose of this Regulation is to provide for the orderly conduct of polls for election of members of the Committee of Management.

2.   Nominations for election by a General Meeting to any of the positions of Officer or Zone Leader established under the Constitution of the Association must be made in writing in a form prescribed by the Committee of Management, or failing such prescription, in a form prescribed by the Returning Officer appointed, in accordance with the Constitution, by the Committee of Management.

3.   Nominations for such elections in the prescribed form in writing
must be received by the Returning Officer not less than seven days before the date of the meeting at which the election is to occur, except that time shall not apply for election to a position for which no candidate has nominated by that time, in which case the Returning Officer shall accept written nominations until the process for election to the position has begun at the General Meeting involved.

4.   The Secretary of the Association must obtain from the Returning Officer a notice in writing, which the Secretary must include with the notice of the General Meeting at which the election, and a poll if necessary, is to be conducted, that is to be sent to every member of the Association, and that notice from the Returning Officer must notify members of the time and date on which nominations close, the prescribed form for nominations, the name of the Returning Officer, and the address to which completed nominations are to be sent.

5.   The Returning Officer may arrange for the names of nominated candidates, and the position or positions for which each is nominated, to be placed on the Web site of the Association but, if any such name and associated position has not been so placed within twenty-four hours of the receipt of the relevant nomination by the Returning Officer, the Returning Officer must promptly disclose the names of persons that have nominated for any of the above positions, and the positions to which those persons seek to be elected, to any member of the Association that submits to the Returning Officer a request in writing to be informed of those names and the related positions.


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