29th November, 1977

This year, my fifth in association with the
Society and first as its President, has seen no dramatic or
particularly controversial local conservation issues within the area.

The role of the Society in these
circumstances is to do the following.

To maintain contact with the hard core of
active members who can be called upon to instigate and encourage
participation from others within the community when issues do arise
calling for the involvement of the Society. The small group here
tonight is typical of those vital to the continuance of so many small

To maintain membership of, and communication
with, other conservation groups. The Society is currently a member of

Conservation Foundation

Conservation Council
of Victoria

Port Phillip
Conservation Council

and receives
regular correspondence from many other organizations either forwarding
information or soliciting action.

To improve upon, or at least preserve, out
financial standing in order to be better equipped to tackle
conservation issues and projects. This year our cash at bank has
increased 30% over the previous year’s balance. This has been achieved
despite a fall in membership, mainly through proceeds from the Keys
Street Plant Stall and the Lions Club Plant Stall.

To tend to the upkeep of planting projects
carried out in previous years and to caretake
areas vested largely in our responsibility such as the Beach
Park area, Gramatan Heathland
Sanctuary and other reserves of importance in the area.

To keep a watchdog role within the
community. Unfortunately still very necessary, when others, through
conflicting vested interests or plain ignorance, and frequently both,
are tempted to overlook any appreciation of our existing natural areas
and what could be done to enhance our environment.

I feel the Society has upheld the above, and
trust that the forthcoming year, the Society’s 25th, will see in the
absence of any major issues, a drive for increased membership, public
involvement and appreciation of the importance of maintaining local
natural features peculiar to the area.

I thank all those who have kept within the
hard core of the Society through the last year as Office Bearers,
Committee Members and others.

R.P. Weir