the past year has been another quiet year insofar as this Society has
not been called upon to represent any strongly felt local conservation
issues, we have however been active in some of the aims as originally
constituted for the Beaumaris Tree
Preservation Society.

attending a series of formative meetings with the City of Sandringham the Society was invited to the opening of
the Sandringham Community Plant Nursery
and its first working day where seed planting techniques were
demonstrated and a barbecue lunch was held, on the 9th
July 1978. The
objective of the plant nursery is summarised
as encouraging community interest in a practical satisfying manner to
participate in the nurturing of native plants indigenous to the area
for community use.

the opening of the plant nursery, in co-operation with the S.C.C. we
have commenced planting of additional areas at the Beach Reserve,
initial drawings and plans for which were submitted to the Council for
approval in March 1976.

planting project will continue in the following year, previously
planted areas have been maintained and all trees planted within the
enclosures which have died have been replaced and surviving plants
generally have stood up well to the elements and to vandalism.

planned maintenance programme for the Gramatan Avenue Heathland
Sanctuary has been instigated and trimmings from this reserve have been
utilized as natural protection in the Beach Reserve areas. Generally
this method appears more aesthetically pleasing and promises to be just
as functional as the former wire guard method of protection

Society this year was not involved in the Lions Club Fair due to
changes from previous years in the charges to stall holders, the
percentage required from our supplier and the consequent drop in
estimates of profit left to the Society from the sale of plants based
on previous years takings.

the opening of the Community Plant Nursery and the supply free of
charge of plants, one area of expense to the Society in previous years
bas now been eliminated.

expense to the Society which it is important to maintain however is our
membership as in previous years of

The Australian
Conservation Foundation

Council of Victoria

Phillip Conservation Council
from which we receive regular

opinion of the Society has been sought by the Sandringham
Council concerning construction of additional boat launching ramps at
Half Moon Bay and the re-arrangement of car parking in the area,
details of which were circulated to members and their comments included
in a reply to the Council.

the year I have attended functions to hear such notable speakers in the
conservation area as Dr H.C. Coombes and Prof. Sir Marcus
. Discussion with others present at these occasions
revealed wide interest in the activities of our Society and the
changing pattern of community interests.

an attempt to streamline procedures this year we have taken steps to
amend the Constitution, to reduce the numbers necessary for a quorum
and to facilitate ordinary members voting participation in issues as
they arise. Details of this proposal have been circulated and hopefully
will be effected tonight. Once concluded,
these amendments should have the effect of speedier implementation of
projects without being frustrated by members who are, for one reason or
another, not able to participate in the organization of the Society.

In a
different direction, to keep up with changes this year, we have also
arranged for the first gathering in the new year to be a social night
to celebrate our 25 years which makes us surely one of the oldest
surviving Societies.

the social night prove a success in bringing people together on common
ground to exchange views concerning conservation ideas and needs felt
within the community, then this night may set the pattern for future
meetings and may revitalize interest as a whole.

at is my pleasure to thank the hard core of members, many of whom are
here tonight for their efforts during the year and hope they will
continue to find some time in the forthcoming year to lend support to
the projects planned and to encourage others to do the same.