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BCS Inc. Register of Property: Contents of 55 litre white plastic storage tub

Please either replenish consumed items, or email details of them to the email address above.

2 Green
plastic table covers 1.3 x 2.7 metres
34 White
square plastic plates 160 
160 mm
2 Small
melamine bowls
5 White
plastic oval dishes 250 x 180 mm
42 White
sugar sticks
14 Large
white plastic teaspoons
35 Paper
table napkins
40 White
plastic forks
1 Packet
of wooden craft sticks
47 Waxed
cardboard drink cups 250 mL
16 Grey
plastic coffee cups
24 Clear
plastic drink cups
17 Silvery
plastic wine cups with screw-on
silvery bases
14 Clear
plastic wine cups with blue
screw-on bases