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The W F Vale Reserve is a Bayside City Council reserve bounded by
Banksia Street, Tramway Parade, and Oak Street, Beaumaris. It appears to have been named after Mr W F Vale, who owned land in Beaumaris some of which was passed through by the electric tramway, and who was a joint owner of 43 hectares that was sold to the Victoria Golf Club for its golf links in 1922. He was a prominent Melbourne real estate agent.

This small reserve is zoned Public Park and Recreation under the Bayside Planning Scheme. It is not one of Bayside City Council’s Bushland Reserves. None of it has a VPO2 Vegetation Protection Overlay, but it all has a VPO1 Vegetation Protection Overlay.

Unlike many Beaumaris reserves, which have been largely leased to, or modified for use by, private organizations, general public access is totally unrestricted. Much like the Concourse Green, It consists entirely of planted trees, mostly mature and native, with a few indigenous, with no understorey other than mown grass, but it is a pleasant area of land to walk across as it is one of the reserves in Beaumaris without any clutter or accretion of extraneous objects. A satellite view is accessible by clicking here.

TREES: The distribution of genera of the 76 identified living trees – including those on the abutting nature strips – is, with those genera not indigenous to Beaumaris shown in brown, approximately as follows:

Acacia3Banksia   14Lyphostemon 1
Agonis  8Eucalyptus  30Melaleuca  12
Allocasuarina3Grevillea  5DEAD3