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President’s Report to 2001 Annual General Meeting


E-mail reply on behalf of Premier of Victoria to BCS Inc. President’s letter expressing concern at omission of Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary from Bill

 Letter expressing concern at Government’s withdrawal of Marine National Parks Bill and omission of recommended Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary: To Premier of Victoria from President of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.

JULY 2001

Developer of 17-19 Mary Street, Beaumaris, which has barely been started, seeks extension of 1997 four-year permit, for the 1:348 square metre 4-dwelling proposal. It is now inconsistent with Bayside’s 1:400 sq.metre goal. Objection needed before noon on 30 July.

Bayside Council still taking a Hard Line: Motion by Moysey Ward councillor to refuse application to build 2 dwellings at 11 Anita Street, Beaumaris, on grounds of clash with Neighbourhood Character, lost

 E-mail if you have seen any flocks of Pardalotes of late, please. A flock of about 20 were sighted feeding at the top of a 12 metre high River Red Gum in Anita Street this month. It was not the first sighting in Anita Street – it still has some of its once numerous Red Gums. 

JUNE 2001

  Support for Inclusion of Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary in a re-presented National Parks (Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries) Bill 2001

Call on Victorian Government by PPCC Inc., putting BCS Inc. view, to include the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary proposed by the Environment Conservation Council, in the tabled National Parks (Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries) Bill 2001

Call on Opposition by PPCC Inc., putting BCS Inc. view, to move amendments to the National Parks (Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries) Bill 2001 to include Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, and to promise to include it in Bill when in Government

MAY 2001

Minister’s Second Reading Speech to Marine Parks Bill on 17th May 2001 admitting deliberate omission of Ricketts Point Sanctuary

Bayside Council asked to modify access at former Keefer’s site to protect fossil beds, and large sea-birds’ shallow sheltering area

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