Campaign 2007:Have VPOs protect trees instead of usually condoning their removal

Campaign 2007: Have VPOs protect trees instead of usually condoning their removal

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*GOOD VCAT REASONING IN A 2008 BLACK ROCK CASEVCAT’s reasons for upholding Bayside City Council’s refusal of a tree removal permit set a fine precedent.
*VCAT APRIL 2008 RULING ON TREES IN OAK STREETThe degree of VPO3 protection to be enforced is first decided by Council, but is subject to appeal to VCAT.
*APPLICATION FEES – LARGE TREE OR INDIGENOUS PLANT PERMITS: BCS Inc.letter to Bayside Council seeks removal of fees that deter planting of such plants.
*ANALYSIS OF VPO3 TREE REMOVAL APPLICATIONS: BCS Inc. gave Bayside City Council its analysis of the outcome of these applications made for the year 2007.
*BEAUMARIS & BLACK ROCK INDIGENOUS PLANT PHOTOS: An indigenous plant is one naturally found in a given area. A native plant is one indigenous to Australia.
*VEGETATION PROTECTION OVERLAY (VPO3): Schedule 3 (Native Vegetation in Beaumaris and Black Rock)

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 Link to Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc, of which BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization since 1970

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