Bayside Council – Significant Tree Register/Management Policy

Bayside Council – Significant Tree Register/Management Policy

Beaumaris Conservation Society has been working along side Bayside Council for many years when it comes to saving and preserving our Trees and Vegetation.A project we have been both been involved with in more recent times is the Significant Tree Register/Management Policy.We are very proud to announce and would like to thank Bayside City Council for for publishing the current list of Significant trees on their Website and for stream lining the process. Residents of Bayside can now register that special tree or trees, those that are special to you, your street, the birds, wildlife etc and would like to add a heightened protection to the Tree for years to come.Please stay tuned for images of some of the beautiful Beaumaris Trees that have already been listed, and please feel free to add to the list by filling out the nomination form attached. You don’t have to live in Beaumaris, you can live anywhere in Bayside. Kingston Council also provides the same opportunity.

Current Significant Tree list for Beaumaris

2/32 Alfred Street – Kurrajong

29 Beach Rd – Coastal Banksia 2

Beach Rd – Moreton Bay Fig

29 Dalgetty Rd – Sweet Gum

5 Tramway Pde – Red Flowering Gum

62 Wells Rd, Beaumaris Kinder – River Red Gum

Please find the application link below and also in the Bayside Council Policy Documents attached to the register.”Our community values the unique character trees provide to our city. To protect significant trees in our municipality, the Significant Trees Management Policy was created. This policy provides guidance on how trees are nominated, listed and removed from this register. Removal from this register is required to be endorsed by Council at an ordinary meeting of Council”

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