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Aerial vertical photograph of Beaumaris in January 1951 from 4, 000 metres. Use up to 400% magnification to zoom in to see your street or reserve as it was in 1951.

Aquaculture in Beaumaris Bay

Aquaculture Page on Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. Web site

Australian legislation and regulations 

Bandicoots, last reported in Beaumaris in the 1950s and 1960s, are mentioned in a 2013 article in The Age.

Bayside Bushland Strategy 2002

Bayside City Council

Bayside City Council Service Request: Citizens can use a Web page to report specific needs for attention to matters by Council staff.

Bayside City Council Planning Application Register

Bayside City Council Indigenous Plant Nursery, 319 Reserve Road, Cheltenham

Bayside City Council Street Tree Management Policy and Species Selection Guide

Bayside Planning Scheme: Statement to Planning Panel on Amendment C140

Bayside Planning Scheme details, including Bayside Planning Scheme Index Map, and Height Control and Vegetation Protection Overlay Maps

Bayside Planning Scheme: Forms for lodging objections to Planning Applications

Bayside Planning Scheme: Forms for lodging objections to Planning Applications

Bayside Street Tree Planting Strategy – December 1997: Excerpts relevant to Beaumaris

Beaumaris Baths, formerly near Cromer Road, before the present the bitumen access road to the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron was carved through the cliff 

Beaumaris Bay Fossil SiteListed on the Register of the National Estate with Identifier No. 18053 (See also the Bibliography)

Beaumaris Concourse background, including BCS Inc. campaigns for the Concourse Green and the Concourse Bushland

Beaumaris Foreshore Reserve (part of Moorabbin Beach Park)

Beaumaris Hotel – originally the Great Southern Hotel, whose foundation stone was laid in 1888

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron: Historical pictures and information on the filled seabed site it leases from the Crown, and the RED AREAS on the plan forming part of the lease,for which full public access on foot must be available at all times, although there is not yet any notice there to the public to that effect

BEAU – MARIS  – OR BARE –MARIS? Early pamphlet by the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society urging retention of existing vegetation, which is just as relevant today

“Beaumaris Park” plan of the early residential land subdivision in southern Beaumaris

Beaumaris Primary School is remembered by a BCS Inc. member that was a pupil there from 1935-43.

Beaumaris street names

Beaumaris was named after Beaumaris in Wales , now a sister city of Bayside City Council, from the Norman French words “beau mareys” meaning “fair marsh”.

Beaumaris entry in ‘Victorian places’ refers to the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society (renamed Beaumaris Conservation Society in 1970).

Bibliography on the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site

Bird photographs linked to the common and scientific names of Australian birds for identification purposes

Black Rock – Beaumaris Foreshore Master Plan 2001 (produced by Bayside City Council) Also Background, the Fig 6 (west) Fig 7 (east)

Boating, swimming, and no-fishing zones along the Beaumaris coast

Bulletins of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.

Burra Charter (The Australian ICOMOS Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Significance)

Bushfire in Beaumaris, 1944: Official Report

Car Wars: How the Car Won our Hearts and Conquered our Cities, a book by Graeme Davison on how the car took over Australia’s cities

Coastal Management Act 1995

Commercial Signage in BaysideCouncil Parks with Sports Ovals

Committee page

Conditions for the Display of Moveable Articles on Council Land within the City of Bayside

Constitution of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc, &  Constitution of BCS prior to its 1997 incorporation & original BTPS Constitution

Contested constitution of NTAV

Deauville Estate promotional brochure (apparently issued before 1926, as Page 14 shows the route of the yet to be inaugurated electric tramline, which only operated 1926-31)

Donations to Beaumaris Conservation Society Incincluding those such as the Park Road Timber & Hardware customer loyalty card program

Dunlop Estate and the Dunlop Rubber Company’s proposed relocation of its factory to Beaumaris, with port facilities: See Melbourne Herald  2nd August 1939.

Electronic Funds Transfer payments, or donations, to Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.

Fences in urban bushland: Article in Banksia Bulletin, Winter 2009, explaining the important role of fences in urban bushland reserves

F L Yott Reserve

Friends Groups in Bayside municipality

Foreshore planting undertaken by Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. in earlier decades

Foreshore Plant List: Indigenous Plants

Foreshore Plant List: Non-indigenous and Pest Plants

The Fossils of the Urban Sanctuary: Rickett’s Point Beaumaris 3193 – 2016 book by F McSweeney and J Buckeridge

Gramatan Avenue Heathland Sanctuary: Plant List, details of the Sanctuary, and how it was established

Gramatan Avenue Heathland Sanctuary Management Plan – Bayside City Council

Guest Speakers at Annual General Meetings of BCS Inc. from 1960

Heathland and other Reserves in Beaumaris and around Port Phillip

Heritage Victoria (access to online Heritage Register) See list of registrations for the City of Bayside

Highett Grassy Woodland Friends Group: Bayside Council promotes this large ex-CSIRO site?s conservation, as Pages 13-14 Item 10.7 show.

Highett Waltz: Sound file of Barry Humphries’s song about 20th Century suburbia

History of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.

Honorary Life Members: Past and present

House of Representatives poll results since 1901 in the division covering most of Beaumaris

Inaugural General Meeting of the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society in 1953: Minutes of the Meeting

Indigenous Plant Nursery of Bayside City Council, 319 Reserve Road, Cheltenham

Keefer’s boat shed former site: Bayside Council asked to modify access here to protect fossil beds, and large sea-birds’ shallow sheltering area

Lanes and laneways in Beaumaris that are unnamed

Life members, departed

Links to sites of other organizations or officials relevant to Beaumaris

Local Law No. 2 (Neighbourhood Amenity) of Bayside City Council includes controls over felling or pruning trees on land, including private freehold land.

Long Hollow Heathland Management Plan – Bayside City Council – Post-1998

Management Plans and Master Plans for Bayside City Council’s Bushland, Foreshore and Open Space Reserves, & Tree Strategies & Local Laws

Melbourne & Metropolitan Board of Works’ 18 minute film of it’s first metropolitan plan, in 1954, for a rising population of 1,500,00

Melbourne, as it was in 1910, shown in a 14 minute film, which significantly reveals what has changed a lot, and what has changed little.

Melways 1st edition Beaumaris map 1966 – click to enlarge. Much higher dwelling density now, but area of public space & streets is unchanged. 

Members of Australia’s Parliament, who include the MHR for Goldstein, and the Senators for Victoria, whose electorates cover the whole of Beaumaris

Members of Victoria’s Parliament, who include the MLA for Sandringham,and the 5 MLCs for Southern Metropolitan Region, whose electorates cover the whole of Beaumaris

Members of Bayside City Council, who include the two councillors for Southern Ward, which is the only ward that takes in Beaumaris

Membership Application Form

Minutes of General Meetings of BCS Inc.

Mobile phone tags, and Quick Response tags give better, fresher information, and allow public information signage to be much smaller

National Estate Sites in Beaumaris: The two Beaumaris sites on the former Register of the National Estate

National Trust of Australia (Victoria)access to the Trust’s Register of Buildings and Places

Neighbourhood Character Brochures under the Bayside Planning Scheme: Precinct H1, Precinct H2, Precinct H3, Precinct H4, Precinct H5, Precinct H6, Precinct H7

Notable past residents of Beaumaris

Notes on the Sandringham Flora’ by Dr Charles Stanford Suttton, May 1911, in The Victorian Naturalist

Newsletters of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.

Objection forms for lodging objections to Planning Applications with Bayside City Council

Objections to Planning Applications lodged by Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.

Officers of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. currently

Officers of Beaumaris Conservation Society in former years

Pardalotes: Email if you have seen any flocks of Pardalotes of late, please. A flock of about 20 were sighted feeding at the top of a 12 metre high River Red Gum in Anita Street in July 2001. It was not the first sighting in Anita Street – it still has some of itsonce numerous Red Gums.

Photographs: Ground Level sites of concern in Beaumaris

Photographs: Oblique Aerial Colour Photographs of the BEAUMARIS COASTLINE from 150m

Place names on the Victorian coast

Planning Permit Applications for Beaumaris lots since December 2005

Planning Permit Applications listed on the Bayside City Council Web site

Planning Scheme details, including Bayside Planning Scheme Index Map, and Height Control and Vegetation Protection Overlay Maps

Plant Nursery for Indigenous Plants, run by Bayside City Council, 319 Reserve Road, Cheltenham

Plants: Indigenous and Pest plants, including photographs, on the Beaumaris foreshore, in the Gramatan Avenue Heathland Sanctuary, and elsewhere in Beaumaris

Population increase at a high rate being promoted by Government policies

Presidents’ Reports to General Meetings

Privacy policy for the BCS Inc. Web site

Regulations of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.


Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary: Fish or shellfish poaching inside the boundaries should be reported promptly to VicFish at 13 34 74. Other illegal activities, such as lighting of fires, destruction of vegetation, or dumping of rubbish, should be reported to ParksVictoria at 13 19 63.

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary proposal: Support for Inclusion of this Sanctuary in a re-presented National Parks (Marine National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries) Bill 2001

Root systems of certain indigenous trees in Beaumaris have been threatened by the effects of development too close to them.

Sandringham City Council 1917-94

Sandringham Environment Series booklets: 8 booklets on Birds, Geology, Indigenous Plants, Weather and Marine Life

Sandringham Wildlife‘ a 1990 video narrated by Bob Whiteway OAM, which includes good sections on the Beaumaris coast.

Satirical videos on planning and development: See John Clarke and Bryan Dawe’s Planning Minister, and Monty Python’s Architect Sketch.

Single vehicle crossings should be the maximum that can be approved on the nature strip of a standard-size allotment if the area of nature strips in Beaumaris is to be maintained and maximized. 

Slumbering Sea Mentone” is a painting masterpiece by Tom Roberts, which depicts the Beaumaris Cliff from the present site of BMYS Ltd.

Sub-leases of cheap leases on public land might conceal a considerable potential loss of public revenue, and a large gain for the sub-lessee.

TableRock jetty licence from the Crown, 1909

“The Point” at 2 Lang Street, Beaumaris, was a mansion built by the Mayor of Melbourne 1889-92, and later owned by aviator Major Harry Shaw.

Tree Vandalism in Beach Park, Beaumaris

Vegetation Overlay for Beaumaris, for the Bayside Council Planning Scheme – BCS Inc. Position

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal: See ALII list of VCAT orders, & also the list of VCAT orders for Beaumaris appreciated by BCS Inc.

Zones and Zone Leaders