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The main area of laneways on Beaumaris, all of which are unnamed and tend not to appear in street directories, is shown – along with others in the subdivision being promoted – on an estate agent’s map that was probably issued before 1915, as the map refers to the then horse tramway that ran along Tramway Parade from the late 19th Century until it was discontinued in 1915. See details in the Beaumaris tramway

These laneways have been of little concern to Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. as their use seems largely confined to the occupants of the properties that abut them, so they do not impinge on the visual or other amenity of Beaumaris residents generally. The land occupied by those lanes, and similar lanes in that main area, is one of the least-changed parts of Beaumaris in the last 60 years. The lanes between Keys and Sparks Streets appear concreted in a 1951 Lands Department aerial photograph, but others are unpaved.

That area of laneways is part of the early land subdivision south of a line running east from Reserve Road along Reid Street (but shown as Moore Street on that map), then Martin Street, and finally Bodley Street. Two large 19th Century buildings lay just to the west and north-east of that subdivision respectively, ‘The Point‘, which was built in 1890 and demolished in 1959, and the Beaumaris Hotel, which was started in 1888 and nearly all demolished in 2014.

Another clue supporting a pre-1915 date for that early land subdivision is the seven streets in it named after 19th Century
councillors or officials
of the then local government body area it was part of, the former Shire of Moorabbin, most of whom had died before Beaumaris became in 1917 part of the new City of Sandringham, which was succeeded by the present Bayside City Council in 1994.

There are a few other of the above type of laneway in Beaumaris, as can be viewed in Googlesatellite view, such as the one off the west side of Haydens Road south of Florida Avenue, and the one off the east side of Dalgetty Road just south of Balcombe Road.