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BICYCLE ROAD ROUTE THREAT: Incursion into Beach Park Crown land foreshore reserve if Charman to Cromer Road bicycle road link is not confined to the road reserve.

116-BERTH MARINA IN BEAUMARIS BAYA marina, more Bay filling on the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site, and more works on the Motor Yacht Squadron site are sought.

PROPOSED EXTRA SIGNS ON BEAUMARIS FORESHORE: BCS Inc. letter seeks less clutter and visual intrusion. See photos of the 193 signs on the Marine Park section.

VPO3 VEGETATION REMOVAL IN BEAUMARIS: VPO stands for “Vegetation Protection Overlay”, but nearly all Council activity under this heading is to approve REMOVAL of trees.

COUNCIL’S DRAFT BATHING BOX POLICY: Council has altered the original draft and will seek further comment before finalizing it.

SITING FOR A JUNIOR SKATEBOARD RAMP IN BEAUMARIS See the evolution of this proposal.


YELLOW PLANNING APPLICATION NOTICES: See the BCS Inc. Register of recent notices of applications for overdevelopment of lots, and for removal of native vegetation in a VPO3.

BEAUMARIS CONCOURSE ACTIVITY CENTRE: Bayside City Council has modified Planning Scheme Amendment C49 initial form and sent it to a Panel for report.

NEED TO NAME & UPGRADE ZONING OF BEAUMARIS PUBLIC LANDBCS Inc. letter to Bayside City Council seeks naming & more appropriate zoning for ten special areas.

INDIGENOUS PLANT LIST: Some of the indigenous plants of Beaumaris that need to be conserved, protected and encouraged to increase

FORESHORE PEST PLANT LIST: Some of the non-indigenous and pest plants on the Beaumaris foreshore – the most virulent of the latter urgently need to be eradicated.

24 HECTARES OF MUSSEL ARRAY: Expansion of the area of Beaumaris Bay leased for growing mussels on floating racks in the open sea from 6 hectares to 24 hectares

Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization since 1970