400% increase in area of mussel array in Beaumaris Bay

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Click on this 2003 photograph for an enlargement. Taken from the “viewing platform” built by Bayside City Council at the “Moysey Gardens” opposite Bodley Street in 2003, it shows additional large timber piles in the foreground placed as roosting sites for pelicans and other seabirds earlier that year. The expanding mussel-growing array of floats, buoys, timber piles, ropes and racks can be seen around the boat that is servicing the array, on its 6 hectare site (proposed by the Victorian Environment Conservation Council in 2000 to be increased to 25 hectares). A large accumulation of mussel detritus and litter from the array has been reported on the seabed below it. This industrial clutter is very close to the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site, which is on the Register of the National Estate.

The Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. has opposed this proposed extension, in its letter of 21st February 2000 sent to the Environment Conservation Council, which was the immediate predecessor of the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council, and the immediate successor of the former Land Conservation Council of Victoria.

Copyright 1998 Port Phillip Conservation Council Incorporated (A0020093K Victoria)


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