Campaign 2014B: Save the Beaumaris RSL parkland

Campaign 2014B: Save the Beaumaris RSL parkland

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*By 2016, the c. 1 hectare of the former Beaumaris RSL parkland had been destroyed by its being cleared in preparation for the 20-lot subdivision of c. 500 square metre lots that VCAT had approved below.
*Response by RSL Sub-branch Committee: After the EGM resolution below, the Committee sent a letter to Beaumaris RSL Sub-Branch members stating it would not lodge the caveat sought, following legal advice is obtained, and that the overwhelming majority of the Committee will resign after sending that letter, and will ask ANZAC House to appoint an interim committee or an administrator.

The Committee sent members a later letter stating that all its members had resigned, that the RSL’s Victorian Branch had appointed the Branch’s Senior Vice-President to administer the Sub-Branch, and to determine options for the Branch’s future, and to convene a general meeting of the Sub-Branch by 14 December 2015 to consider the options determined.*GENERAL MEETING: An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Beaumaris RSL Sub-branch was held on 12 August 2015 –after the date of settlement for the sale of the Beaumaris RSL land – although the members’ June letter requisitioning it had sought a meeting on 05 July 2015, which was well before the settlement date for that sale.

The General Meeting overwhelmingly passed the motion on notice, which was, 
“That based on the information provided to this meeting by Gregory Mier (member and legal practitioner), Beaumaris RSL Sub-branch Inc. and any successor thereto shall forthwith do all things necessary to 
remain situated at, open and operational in its current location and to defend its right to continue to do so (including by way of lodging a caveat).”*VCAT appeal by Bayside City Council and 100 other listed persons (with many later objectors’ views also said to be considered) supported Council’s refusal to issue a permit for the 21-lot proposal below, but VCAT issued a permit for 20 lots.*Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. supports the move by the citizens’ group at the above Facebook page to save the parkland around the RSL clubhouse, which is largely open space with lawns and well-established trees and shrubs. It is a pleasant outdoor venue for social functions, and has been the site of RAAF band recitals, for instance. The RSL clubhouse has become a significant social centre in a very pleasant setting that is the only one of its type left in Beaumaris since the demise of the Beaumaris Hotel.*The Beaumaris RSL clubhouse, at 489 Balcombe Road, Beaumaris, sits at the rear of an allotment of c. 1 hectare in area that is – at 30 metres above sea level – one of the highest pieces of land in Beaumaris, with views of Port Phillip Bay and beyond. As Blamey House, it was a home for orphaned children of deceased ex-service people, named after Australia’s only Field Marshall, Sir Thomas Blamey. A sale of the land, which is very controversial within the Beaumaris sub-branch, has a settlement date in June 2015. See the Branch’s December 2014 Newsletter.*See details of the issue here on Google, the street view from Balcombe Road, and a satellite view of the parkland site.*See notice of the developer’s appeal to VCAT, and a plan of the 21-lot subdivision proposed. The 2-page form for lodging an objection with VCAT can be downloaded and printed from here. It details the names and addresses of the three required recipients.*Bayside City Council unanimously resolved to not support the above application for development at its meeting on 18 November 2014 (see Item 4.6 of the agenda, which gives the staff report, and Item 4.6 of the minutes, which shows the unanimous resolution). The staff report states that the proposal is for the removal of 67 of the 75 trees on the site (89%).

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Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. – BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization of it since 1970

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