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Single vehicle crossings per lot needed to maximize nature strip area

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Note the single vehicle crossing over the nature strip from a shared driveway to the separate underground garage for each of the two dwellings on the standard-sized Beaumaris allotment in the photograph below.  


That arrangement consumes much less much of the nature strip area in front of such an allotment – and very much less of the open space in the front setback of the allotment available for trees, shrubs or lawn – than when two separate vehicle crossings are used. It also avoids reducing the amount of street parking available. Bayside City Council should have a provision whereby it should be the only arrangement approved.

The two dwellings at 65 Tramway Parade, Beaumaris, share a single vehicle crossing over the nature strip.


Every street and road in Beaumaris except Beach Road, which is zoned RDZ1 as a major arterial road – provides no more than a single carriageway in each direction. These roads handle very much more traffic daily, at much greater speeds, than does the driveway and vehicle crossing arrangement from a standard-sized Beaumaris allotment, where there are few daily movements on the driveway, so there is no justification for having more than a standard 3-metre-wide single driveway and vehicle crossing for such allotments. All traffic on those public roads shares the same pavement. Separate entrance and exit vehicle crossings are unneeded and profligate, so they should not be approved.


The smaller the paved area of public and private land is, the less damaging to the local and wider climate will be the urbanheat sink and deprivation of ground water effects of such paving.