Government policies for population increase threaten Melbourne.

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Did you know the former Brumby Government’s Population Policy BEYOND FIVE MILLION actually sought a larger population for Melbourne, at a high rate of increase? Subsequent government policies show no sign of having discontinued that policy.

Population increases for Victoria for 2013-14 (Australian Bureau of Statistics) show the relentless increase in population densities in metropolitan Melbourne.*  See a graphic video of how huge populations destroy the quality of life in overpopulated cities around the world.

Motion 21.1 on population policy passed by the 2010 General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia

Australian Conservation Foundation warns of the conflict between population growth and environmental protection.

See Kelvin Thomson MHR’S timely and pertinent speech to Federal Parliament, his 2011 speech in East Malvern, and a video on the need to reduce Australia’s population growth.

Read Arthur Sinodinos’s gung-ho article “The more of us the merrier”. He became a Turnbull Government minister, from NSW.

Populate or Perish”: Para. 34 of the biography of former Australian Prime Minister, Billy Hughes, quotes his famous slogan.

Article by Tim Murray: “Which is the most idiotic Green Party in the world?”

Web site of Sustainable Population Australia

Click here to read of world population increase ballooning. See a real time statement of various world statistics here.