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*ANSWERS BY BAYSIDE CEO ON BMYS LTD PLAN: CEO’s answer to Question 6(b) revealed erroneous claim by BMYS Ltd.
*BICYCLE ROAD MOTION ON LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL NOTICE PAPER: Greens MLC’s notice of motion seeks to protect foreshore reserve.
JULY 2009
*BCS INC. SUBMISSION ON BEVERAGE CONTAINER DEPOSIT BILL: See Submission No. 66 to the Senate Inquiry on this bill.
*MINIMUM AREA FOR VEGETATION ON ALL RESIDENTIAL LOTS: BCS Inc. letter seeks such a provision in the Planning Scheme.
JUNE 2009
*PRESENTATION TO NEW RESIDENTIAL ZONES ADVISORY COMMITTEE: BCS Inc. Vice-President addressed the public hearing.
MAY 2009
*VEAC REMNANT NATIVE VEGETATION STUDY: See  the BCS Inc. submission to the Victorian Environment Assessment Council.
*WALK ALONG BICYCLE ROAD ROUTE: See report of inspection walk with Jennifer Huppert, Labor MLC, Southern Metropolitan Region.
*REVIEW OF PLANNING AND ENVIRONMENT ACT 1987: See BCS Inc. submission to Planning Department on review of this Act.
APRIL 2009
*CONCOURSE BUSHLAND REZONING: Bayside Council adopted a staff report to rezone this bushland from Business 1 to PPRZ.
*CALL FOR HELP AT RICKETTS POINT LANDSIDE RESERVE: Volunteers are sought to help the Clean Up Australia Day effort here.
*‘CLIFFTOP ROUTE‘ OPPOSED: Bayside Council voted for a ‘back-of-kerb’ route instead of staff plan for harmful ‘clifftop‘ bicycle route.
*DUNE FENCING CHEERED, BUT NOT DERELICT SIGNSBCS Inc. letter praises fencing, but wants 17 derelict sign plinths gone.
*VEAC STUDY OF METROPOLITAN CROWN LAND: See BCS Inc. principal submission and its supplementary submission.
*COMMUNITY PLANT NURSERY IMPROVEMENTS: BCS Inc. writes to Bayside City Council seeking certain improvements here.


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