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*6-DWELLING STRUCTURE OPPOSED: BCS Inc. is objecting to replacing a single house on Beach Rd by a 6-dwelling structure.
*TREES FELLED OPPOSITE 464 BEACH ROAD: See report in The Age re tree cutting rampage on Beaumaris foreshore reserve.
*Conservationist opposition to BMYS Ltd push for a marina in Beaumaris Bay featured in Bayside Leader newspaper of 2010-10-26.
*BMYS LTD MARINA SCOPING DOCUMENT: DPCD invites public comment on this document by Thursday 2010-11-04.
*2010 ANNUAL MEETING NEWS: New President, Chris Sutton, replaces Adrian Cerbasi; Resolutions on marina and bicycle road.
MAY 2010
*TREES FELLED ON FORESHORE RESERVE: Bayside City Council now has a Tree Vandal sign opposite 5 Beach Rd, Beaumaris
*BETTER LAYOUT OF BEACH RD LANESLetter to Roads Minister on median strip replacing centre lane, to give space for cyclists
APRIL 2010
*EXTRA STRUCTURES, RICKETTS PT: Petition (P 6) to Council (Item 10.11 P 47-50) – “amphitheatre” & undersea viewing structure.
*RESIDENTIAL VEGETATION CONTROLS: Bayside Council (Item 10.1 P 6-12) rejects BCS Inc. call for minimum plant area per lot.
MARCH 2010
*RALLY AGAINST WINDSOR HOTEL REZONING: The National Trust Rally on Thursday 2010-03-25 opposes this planning outrage.
*REZONING HIGHLIGHTED: Bayside Council website announces the Concourse Bushland rezoning, and its initiation by BCS Inc.
*CONCOURSE BUSHLAND REZONEDBayside City Council & Planning Minister Madden to be congratulated for this protective move
*PLANNING MINISTER’S WOESSee cartoon on gaffe (P4) by Madden adviser, & bus chief on Melbourne – the Jakarta of Australia
*BIRRELL TO SPEAK ON POPULATION: Dr Bob Birrell of Monash University to be Guest Speaker at SPA’s AGM, 2010-03-20
*CALL FOR RICKETTS POINT LANDSIDE RESERVE: We seek volunteers to help the 7th March Clean Up Australia Day effort.

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