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*BCS Inc. submission on Bayside City Council’s draft Tree Strategy and draft Street and Park Tree Management Policy
*29 BEACH RD: Applicant seeks VCAT review of Bayside Council’s rejection of 6-dwelling structure. BCS Inc. supports Council .
*BUSHLAND RAZED: BCS Inc. alerts Bayside City Council and Bayside Leader to bushland vandalism in the Landside Reserve.
*2011 AGM: Minutes of this month’s 59th BCS Inc. Annual General Meeting record Kornel Koffsovitz as a new member of the BCS Inc. Management Committee. See the list of other members at that hyperlink. Kornel is the new Secretary. The new President, Ron Morris, succeeds Chris Sutton as President.
*FORMER BCS INC. SECRETARY’S FUNERAL: Rose Allaway, BCS Inc. Secretary 1999-2003, died on 2011-09-11. Her funeral service will be at St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, Dalgetty Road, Beaumaris, at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday 2011-09-15. Rose energized successful opposition by BCS Inc. to a 2002 Council proposal to make most of the Concourse Green a car park.
*3 JOHN ST: VCAT order corrected address from 2 John St, and overturned Council’s rejection, but varied the original application. BCS Inc’s submission to VCAT cites VCAT’s rejection of the 3-dwelling proposal for 66 Reserve Rd (north side of Hardinge St).
*6-DWELLING STRUCTURE REJECTED: All 7 Bayside councillors voted to refuse a permit for this Beach Road ambit claim.
*Victorian Environment Assessment Council’s Final Report on its Melbourne Metropolitan Public Land Investigation cites the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site as Melbourne’s only Geological Site of International Significance. Its Recommendation E4 is a 3-hectare “Beaumaris Cliffs Geological and Geomorphological Features Area” between Charman Road and Hutchison Avenue, from low tide mark to the edge of Beach Road, site of a concrete bike road plan. Pages 29 and 30 of a 2009 report to VEAC give more details of Beaumaris sites.
JUNE 2011
*table ROCK MORNING: BCS Inc. & Bayside Friends Groups joined in a Morning at Table Rock on Saturday 25 June. See details in handbill here. Bird watching with Friends of Native Wildlife and a “walk and talk” with Bob Whiteway, instigator of the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, went well. The First Beaumaris Sea Scouts made their boat shed available for a barbecue that followed.
*PARLIAMENTARY TRANSPORT SECRETARY WALKS ROUTE: Edward O’Donohue & VicRoads staff walked the route with us.
*JOHN LENDERS MLC WALKS ROUTE: Labor’s frontbench Southern Metropolitan MLC viewed the bicycle road route with us.
*GEORGIE CROZIER MLC’S SPEECH: After walking along the roadside route with us, Ms Crozier raised the matter in Parliament.
*GEORGIE CROZIER MLC WALKS ROUTE: The newest Liberal Southern Metropolitan MLC viewed the bicycle road route with us.
MAY 2011
*LEAFLET WARNING OF MARINABCS Inc. distributed to Beaumaris residences a warning of the harm to Beaumaris Bay.
*FORESHORE TREES SAVED? Bayside Council’s May vote seeks removal of a Beach Rd centre lane, citing new Transport Law.
APRIL 2011
*BICYCLE ROAD PLAN: Hear Bayside City Council publicly explain its plan to fell over 100 foreshore trees to site bicycle road.
*FORESHORE TREE VANDALISM: Bayside City Council reward notice opposite Cliff Grove marks the latest tree vandalism.
MARCH 2011
*CALL FOR RICKETTS POINT LANDSIDE RESERVE: We seek volunteers to help the 6th March Clean Up Australia Day effort.
*BMYS LTD MARINA PROPOSAL: Minister issues Final Scoping Document and Community and Stakeholder Consultation Plan
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