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The 126-year saga of the Beaumaris Hotel, at 472 Beach Road, Beaumaris (western corner of Bodley Street)


Hon. Thomas Bent, later Premier of Victoria, laid Its foundation stone, as the Great Southern Hotel, in 1888 during the land boom. See website re its latest form here.

See its demise in 2014 below. In living memory, the grand hotels at Hampton, Sandringham, Red Bluff, and now Beaumaris, have been lost, with Mentone to go soon.


Hotel Beaumaris c. 1910 with original Mansard roof, from State Library of Victoria                    


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Beauy 1950

The Hotel, with original Mansard roof, which survived past the Edwardian era

The scaled-down Beaumaris Hotel, still with its Victorian-era style, about 1950

Beauy 2006

2011-04-28_Beaumaris_Beach Rd_hotel.jpg

Crudely re-modelled as the “Beaumaris Pavilion”, about 2000

The “Beaumaris”, in 2011, soon to be touted for “apartments”

hotelhotel site
VCAT-approved demolition, despite the ‘Heritage Overlay HO66‘:2014-09-11The completed apartment structure that replaced the Beaumaris Hotel, as seen in August 2016. BCS Inc. accepts that at least a ‘reasonable visual result‘ has been produced.
The ruin of the former Beaumaris Hotel above is all that will remain of what was one of Beaumaris’s oldest surviving buildings, and was, until the completion of its replacement by apartments – with 120 underground car parking spaces – the biggest building ever built in Beaumaris. See BCS Inc.’s 2012 letterof objection to the form of the proposed redevelopment, and itssupport at the VCAT in 2013 for Bayside Council’s refusal of a permit.
Click here for a 3-minute video showing an aerial view of the demolition, approved by the VCAT, of all – except the facade – of the Beaumaris Hotel 1888 – 2014, and the profligate digging up, removal from Beaumaris, and ultimate dispersal, of a vast quantity of original Beaumaris geological material.


Link to Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. – BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization of it since 1970