Campaign2008B: Reducing Beaumaris foreshore’s over-abundance of signs

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Campaign 2008B: Reducing Beaumaris foreshore’s over-abundance of signs


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*  2015 – RICKETTS POINT SIGNAGE DESIGN STYLE GUIDE: BCSInc. letter to Bayside Council on its proposed changes to signage on the Sanctuary coast.
*  2008 – PHOTOMONTAGE OF RICKETTS POINT MARINE SANCTUARY COAST’S 190 SIGNS : See clickablephoto montage , and descriptionand site of each of the 190 signs. Most signs still remain in 2017, but one of the worst – whose 1.4 square metres of white background blighted viewsof Table Rock from the sea – has fortunately been removed.


2008 – STAFF REPORT TO COUNCIL ON SIGNAGE: BCS Inc. speaks at Bayside Council’s General Committee meeting: Concerns on this staff report and the impact of signage on Beach Park.




Inc. submission seeks less clutter and visual intrusion than the present or proposed regime provides.




This Bayside City Council document over-emphasizes prolific signage at the expense of the natural coastal landscape.




PHONE TAGS: Small two-dimensional barcodes printed on signs are a good way for mobile phone users to quickly access more information than can fit on a small sign. The pages can be readily updated or corrected. Bayside City Council already uses such tags in some of its parks, e.g. Cheltenham Park and Donald MacDonald Reserve, Beaumaris.  


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