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to BCS Inc. using your Bank’s Electronic Funds Transfer

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Pay BCS Inc. Annual Membership Fees, donations, etc, to our bank via your bank’s electronic funds transfer system using the procedure below. Any sum received above the fee due will be treated as a donation, unless other specific explanation is received under Account Description, or by email. Cheques can still be posted to the PO Box above.



The BCS Inc. BSB

No. is 633000, and its Account No. is 150265304 (Beaumaris branch of the Bendigo Bank). Please enter the Account Description for payments to BCS Inc. in your bank’s system, as:     your four-digit BCS Inc. Membership No. (but not, of course, if you are sending BCS Inc. your fee with a new membership application, emailed or posted separately) followed – without any spaces – by
     as much of your surname (or a Member Body name) as will fit in the space the bank’s website provides, shown all in UPPERCASE letters, without any apostrophes or hyphens.



For example if your BCS Inc. Membership No. is 0716, and your surname is O’BRIEN-DEPANDOZO, enter as below – if that is all that will fit – as: 0716OBRIENDEPA  If applying for membership, just enter as much of your surname as fits.



email BCS Inc. at tre@bcs.asn.au with either your 4-digit Membership Number, full name, amount and purpose of the payment, and any changed membership or indigenous flora details; or your membership application form attached.


Inc. will acknowledge your email soon afterwards, and acknowledge your payment by email once its details appear on BCS Inc’s Bendigo Bank website page.

Donations by non-members – with a surname, but no Membership No. shown – are welcome, but an email to the email address above is needed for explanation and a receipt, please.


NOTE: Transfers made without an adequate Account Description as detailed above might have to be treated as anonymous donations.


Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization since 1970