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John Lenders MLC, Labor member for Southern Metropolitan Region, (centre) with the Senior Vice-President (left) and the President (right) of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc, after walking in May 2011 to inspect the roadside edge of the foreshore reserve.


That reserve, which is part of the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site on the Register of the National Estate, is of national and international importance, but it is threatened with losing 100 trees more and the intrusion of a 2.5 metre wide concrete bicycle road into it, if VicRoads cannot meet Bayside City Council’s request for a short extension and rationalization of the nearby 2-lane safety section to give room on the Beach Road bitumen for the bicycle road extension.


In the previous parliamentary term, two Labor MLCs, Jennifer Huppert and Evan Thornley, each walked along the proposed bicycle road with BCS Inc. officers.