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Bayside City Council Polls: Files of Interest 

2016 Polls

See first preference votes and preference transfers in all 3 wards here.

 See 200-word Statements in support of candidature for Northern, Central
and Southern Wards

BCS Inc.
voting order
Quota for election, after the
necessary distribution of preferences = 33.34% 
2Clarke Martin (ELECTED)leaflet
and web page
8John Burke4.07
7Craig Miller 2.92
5Bridget Hageleaflet 9.16
4Randyl Flynn 1.81
3John Greenleaflet and web page11.72
10Simon Russellleaflet4.76
1Laurence Evans (ELECTED)leaflet and BCS Inc. advertbelow 20.35
9Olivia Russellleaflet11.31
6Graeme Eddiehausenleaflet 6.94

Bayside Leader 1/4 page BCS Inc. advertisement on 2016-09-20 & 2016-09-22 ($2,454.22 for the pair)

VEC form for candidates’ expenditure declarations

Compare those 2016 polls with the 2012 and 2008 polls. See also the VEC website.