To the members of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.

URGENCY: Because of the close deadline for return to Bayside City
Council by Friday, 24th June 2005, of the above survey forms, which we hope you received in your letterbox, the full Executive of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. has met and decided unanimously to recommend to BCS Inc. members, and their friends and associates, that they should definitely participate in the survey and that they should consider supporting the Society’s recommended preference order for the three sites that the Council has short-listed.

FORMAT OF SURVEY: The Executive meeting was concerned that the survey invites only a single preferred location to be indicated, rather than inviting participants to also indicate their second and third preferences. If the result of the survey is that the most preferred site achieves less than 50% of the indications received, the Society will not be satisfied that the views of a majority of respondents have been allowed to be effective in this matter, and it will press strongly for a “run-off” survey of views on the two most strongly-supported options in order to determine which of them is truly preferred by a majority.

RECOMMENDATION: The Executive suggests members and supporters indicate preferences as:

Beaumaris Reserve, Victor Street
Beaumaris Concourse Green
Balcombe Park, Balcombe Road

Council staff have informed BCS Inc. that a marking of the survey with numbered preferences will be treated as though the survey form had been marked with a single tick in the square in which the first preference indication is shown. BCS Inc. considers that nevertheless such extra information could well be helpful in the assessment of the survey, and can do no harm. BCS Inc. has been told that those showing such preferences should also state a reason for their preference if the preferences are to be accepted.

IT IS IMPORTANT REASONS BE STATED: BCS Inc. suggests your stated
reasons could include:

1. This large reserve is much more multi-purpose & built-up than the others – another facility would fit best there.

2. This tiny reserve is solely for passive recreation – its distinctive identity & contrast to the Concourse must stay.

3. This large reserve has a very substantial area of intact bushland whose conservation is essential. Traffic alongside it in Balcombe Road is heavier and faster, and thus much more dangerous, than our higher preference sites.

Please contact BCS Inc. above to get Council to send you a survey form if you have lost it or lack one.

Adrian Cerbasi


Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.