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Changes welcomed, but don’t go far enough

For immediate release 3 July 2003

Bayside City Council has welcomed State Planning Minister Mary Delahunty’s decision to limit buildings to two storeys in coastal areas and provide protection for indigenous vegetation in the Beaumaris and Black Rock areas. 

The height limits are part of an amendment to the Bayside Planning Scheme approved by the State Government this week. Interim height controls expired on 31 June 2003. This amendment applies the controls permanently. 

Bayside City Mayor Ken Beadle said Council had also asked for permanent building height controls for inland residential and commercial areas, but a decision on these limits had been deferred. 

“Council has welcomed the State Planning Minister’s long-awaited partial approval of Bayside Planning Scheme Amendment C2,” Mayor Beadle said. 

“The Amendment gives council permanent control to restrict buildings in coastal areas to two storeys and introduces new protection measures for native vegetation. 

“Residents in the municipality’s south will now require a planning permit to remove, destroy or lop any native vegetation, except trees under two meters or trees with a circumference less than 0.5 metre at one metre above ground level. 

“The new vegetation protection controls apply to all land bounded by Edward and Tulip Streets and Park Road to the north, Charman Road to the east and Beach Road to the south and west.” 

However, the Mayor expressed disappointment that the Minister had split the amendment and failed to act on all of the initiatives requested. 

Council had also sought building height controls for inland residential and commercial areas, however the Minister has ruled out extending limits to these at this time. 

Additionally, the Minister has not indicated support for proposed guidelines on neighbourhood character or a timeframe for a resolution. 

“I’m disappointed that the Minister has split the Amendment and not resolved all matters now. The Bayside community strongly supported these measures during consultation and the continuing delays are frustrating for our residents,” Mayor Beadle said. 

Bayside Council will continue to lobby the Minister for resolution of all parts of the Amendment. 

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