BCS Inc. Supports 2 Council Candidates

At the first Bayside City Council elections, in 1997, there were, of course, no sitting councillors in any ward. At the second elections, in 2000, there was no sitting councillor in Moysey Ward, which covers some two-thirds of Beaumaris, and no other suburb, as the first Moysey Ward councillor, Vivien Kluger, did not stand again. Cr Kluger had been strongly supported by Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc, as had Ken Beadle, who succeeded Cr Kluger as the second Moysey Ward councillor. 

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. is very grateful that both Cr Kluger and Cr Beadle fulfilled their promise as good representatives of Moysey Ward. In Cr Ken Beadle’s case it is fortunate for Beaumaris that he has decided to seek a second three-year term, and Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. supports his campaign. The Society considers that Cr Ken Beadle has been one of the best two champions of the conservation and environment cause on the 2000-03 Bayside City Council. 

Another good candidate is a newer BCS Inc. member, Fiona Austin, who will gain experience in this campaign that could be of benefit to BCS Inc. in future campaigns. BCS Inc. recommends that members who might prefer to vote Austin 1 make very sure that they vote Ken Beadle


In the adjoining Ebden Ward, which includes over a quarter of Beaumaris, a member of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc, Derek Wilson, who is also the founding convenor of the Bayside Alliance for Heritage, the Environment and Appropriate Development, is the only candidate standing against Cr Simon Russell. Cr Russell has held the seat for two terms, and before that he was a councillor in the Central Ward of the former City of Sandringham.

Derek Wilson, Ebden Ward candidate

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. has very direct and important interests in Ebden Ward as: 

  • Beaumaris makes up about a third of the residential area in Ebden Ward.
  • Most of the important Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary adjoins Ebden Ward.
  • A Beaumaris gem, the area made up of the Ricketts Point landside part of Beaumaris Beach Park together with the adjoining treed and informal Point and Coral Avenues, is entirely in Ebden Ward.
  • The Beaumaris part of Ebden Ward, which contains the Gramatan Avenue Heathland Sanctuary, Donald MacDonald Reserve, Long Hollow Reserve, and Balcombe Park Reserve, has been badly affected by over-intensive and unduly obtrusive residential development, and there has been no significant resistance to that on behalf of the Ward, within the Council. 
  • Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. has, since 1970, been a Member Organization of PortPhillip Conservation Council Inc. PPCC Inc. reminds us of the larger picture – that the fate of not only Ebden Ward, but all the coastal reserve land within Bayside is greatly influenced by the priorities of Bayside Council. The coastal reserve north of South Road is 5 km from Ebden Ward’s foreshore, but Ebden’s councillor influences it too. There is no Crown foreshore reserve there – it is Bayside Council freehold, so the Victorian Government has less influence in that stretch.
  • More recently, Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. has been a
    member of SaveOur Suburbs Inc., which has been a splendid Melbourne-wide leader in the fight against the excesses of the notorious and fortunately now defunct Good Design Guide publication, which was exploited by apologists for much of the inappropriate development that has beset Moysey and Ebden Wards. The mind-set behind that approach is still evident in many of the stances taken on development issues in the name of Ebden Ward voters. BCS Inc. considers that Derek Wilson, who is one of the Bayside representatives of Save Our Suburbs, has the attitudes and abilities that we need to correct present glaring shortcomings and complacency in much that presently passes for democratic scrutiny of development proposals. 

Ebden Ward Councillor noted in The Age

An early Council election report in The Age (News 9, 13th February 2003) read as follows: 

“One election hot spot is Bayside (Brighton, Sandringham) where allegations are flying over alleged misuse of council-funded newsletters.  Two councillors seeking re-election, Liberals Gary Andrews and Simon Russell, have riled opponents by distributing their yearly ward newsletters just weeks from the election.” 

An indication of the timing of the release of those Council-funded ward newsletters comes from the date printed on them. Both are dated February 2003. 

Another dating difficulty in Cr Russell’s 4-page newsletter showed under a heading “Thank You Volunteers”, which has a photograph of Val Ross, former President of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. who, by 1999, had gone to live in Queensland. 

Ordinary General Meeting of 23rd January 2003

The Ordinary General Meeting of the Society that was held in January 2003 filled a number of vacancies on the Committee of Management of the Society. The vacancies occurred when those elected to fill those positions at the 2002 Annual General Meeting chose to resign and stand for their positions again, after being informed of a letter to the Society from a BCS Inc. member that complained of shortcomings in the procedure by which the positions had been filled at that annual meeting. 

Keith Holmes was elected as our Senior Vice-President, and all the vacant Zone Leader positions were filled. 

Memories of the Founding Era of BCS Inc.

In this 50th
Anniversary year for Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. the Bayside Leader approached the Society with a view to writing an article about the Anniversary. Their photographer took a photograph in early February of a range of family and other members on the Concourse Green, which was successfully defended by BCS Inc. late last year. We were privileged to have in the photograph Mrs Cath Carroll, who was one of the founding members in 1953, and had been present at the Inaugural General Meeting of the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society (we changed our name in 1970) as was demonstrated by the original Minute Book we asked her to hold in her hand as she was photographed. She and her colleagues did their work well, to the great advantage of the present and future generations of people living in Beaumaris.  

The recent terrible bushfires in south-eastern Australia have been a reminder of the 1944 bushfire that burnt nearly all of Beaumaris before there were many houses here. A copy of an official report of that fire, which includes an account of the nature of the vegetation in the area then, and shows a map of the area burnt, now appears on our Web site.