Report by BCS Inc. President

At the March 2003 Bayside City Council elections the overall numbers of conservation-minded councillors increased somewhat. BCS Inc. members
helped that trend by working for the successful re-election of Cr Ken Beadle for Moysey Ward and the replacement of former councillor Simon Russell by a new councillor, Cr Derek Wilson, for Ebden Ward. The policies of both those councillors, who together cover the Beaumaris area and are both members of BCS Inc., showed strong support for planning and environmental issues. The new Council has elected Cr Ken Beadle as the new Mayor of Bayside. 

Committee members of BCS Inc. attended a recent meeting of Save Our Suburbs Inc. and heard comments from representatives of like
organizations that discontent over planning issues continues throughout Melbourne. 

BSC Inc. has made representations to Bayside City Council on a number of issues, the main ones being:- 

1. Foreshore fires: People lighting them for fun, often in the cooler months, destroy foreshore vegetation to keep them going. Young fire lighters might not understand how serious the damage is. Police know of the problem. Remember, ring 000 on a mobile or other phone to report the site of a fire as soon as you see it, so that fire fighters or police can attend promptly. 

2. Foreshore weed control:  Friends Groups carry out some of this work in conjunction with Council’s Bushland crews. It is pleasing to know that the Council has approved the use of an extra crew again for this year. See the BCS Inc. list of the species and location of foreshore weeds, and indigenous plants, at www.vicnet.net.au/~phillip/listbays.htm

Adrian Cerbasi, President

Commonwealth Land at Point Nepean

Members know the Federal Government intends to sell 85 hectares of Commonwealth land to the State Government or, failing that, to put it on the open market. We urge all members to write to the Hon Dr David Kemp MHR, our local Federal MP, to oppose any of this splendid national open space treasure leaving public ownership. 

Email to  D.Kemp.MP@aph.gov.au  or write to him at 

368 Centre Rd. BENTLEIGH VIC 3204 or fax to 95572906.

This land belongs
to all of us, and our interests will be best served by there being no
private sale of it. 

Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal

The approach of VCAT to planning and in particular to neighbourhood character is still regarded by BCS Inc. and similar organizations as not giving proper recognition to local Council planning decisions and guidelines. Also the delay by the Planning Minister, Hon. Mary Delahunty MLA, in handing down a decision on the Bayside C2 amendment to Rescode is hard to understand. 

Amendment C2 is the Residential Neighbourhood Amendment to planning provisions for residential development in Bayside, mainly concerning density, height limitations and a vegetation overlay to preserve urban character and amenity. It seems that Amendment C2 is not in accord with the Melbourne 2030 Strategy, but it does not appear that formal discussions have been published. 

Three members of the BCS Inc. Committee, Adrian Cerbasi, Keith Holmes and Ted Pearce, recently met with Noel Pullen, MLC for Higinbotham, to express our frustration over VCAT and Amendment C2, especially in the light of the State Government’s pre-election pledges. We received a sympathetic hearing, and we await feedback after Mr Pullen has forwarded our views to the Minister.

Some Membership Fees are Overdue

About 23% of existing BCS Inc. memberships are those for the
year 2002-03
that are still unpaid. Those memberships will be deleted from our
Register on 1st July 2003 unless payment is received before that date,
and the members involved will need to re-apply to rejoin the Society.
pay before then to: 

The Treasurer, Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc., 

P.O. BOX 7016, BEAUMARIS VIC 3193. 

Individual Membership is $6.00, Family $10.00 You may wish to
pay 2003-2004
fees at the same time. It is vital that BCS Inc. has a strong
base when making representations and submissions to local bodies. 

Viewing Platforms at
“Moysey Gardens”

The President, Adrian Cerbasi, and two other BCS Inc. Committee members attended a consultation meeting at Bayside Council offices to discuss with
Council staff and Cr Ken Beadle of Moysey Ward the details of plans for
works planned at this foreshore
site opposite the Beaumaris Hotel at Bodley Street. 

BCS Inc. stated that the mown area around the stone cairn and remnant very old pine trees has long been a memorial to the original pioneers of Beaumaris, the Moysey family, after whom Moysey Ward is named. 

We stressed the need to ensure that the materials, bulk and appearance of new installations there were as unobtrusive as possible in keeping with the historic and surviving natural features of the site. We also considered that far too much of the budget was for work other than the removal of the very extensive infestations of weeds and pest plants in that area, and replanting with indigenous species. 

 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society

A celebration luncheon for all members of BCS Inc. to mark our continuous existence since our founding in 1953 as the Beaumaris Tree Preservation
Society will be held on Sunday 5th October 2003 at 12:30 p.m., at a venue in Beaumaris to be advised. 

Members are asked to mark this date in their diaries now, and to book
a place as soon as possible by contacting Adrian Cerbasi (Tel, Fax 9589
5194) or Geoffrey Goode (ggd@netspace.net.au 

The luncheon will be catered for by former President, Ron Hayton, and a donation to defray costs is requested when booking, please. 

Friends Groups: Help Wanted for weeding and planting in Natural Areas

The following natural areas in the Beaumaris area would greatly benefit from your help in controlling weeds and establishing new plants, of species known to be indigenous to the particular area involved.  This is a marvellous way of becoming acquainted with our natural areas. It only takes 2 hours a month, with no experience required – only enthusiasm in seeing our natural areas thrive.  Just come along at the times shown below and introduce yourself to other “Friends of Bayside”: