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Presentwere Mr. (John) Carroll in the chair, Mesdames (Edith

[Bea]) Hosking, (Catherine) Carroll, Paull, Bernard-Carroll, (Susan) McDougall. Messrs. (A. G.) Hay and Plumridge.

Apologieswere received from Mesdames Stricklam, (Sheila) Ridland, Forester, Waters. Messrs. Waters & Holmes.
Minutesof (Committee) meeting held on 2nd March 1953 were read, and accepted on motion of Mrs. (Catherine) Carroll, seconded by Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking.
Correspondencewas from – Parents’ and Citizens’ Association of Beaumaris enclosing a very kind and welcome donation of £5.

– Natural Resources Conservation League – State Film Centre Correspondence was received on motion of Mr. Plumridge, seconded by Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking.

Mr. (John) Carroll reported contact with the Borough of Ringwood, whose campaign “Why Ringbark Ringwood” is worthy of note because of similar aims to Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society.

Report was accepted on motion Mr. Plumridge seconded by Mrs Paull.

Constitution of Tree Preservation Society (see below) was adopted on motion of Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking seconded by Mrs. Paull.

Mrs. (Edith [Bea]) Hosking was elected President on motion of Mr. Plummer and Mrs. Paull.

Mr. Plumridge Vice-President proposed by Mr. (A. G.) Hay s. Mr. (John) Carroll

Mrs. (Susan) McDougall Secretary proposed by Mr. (John) Carroll sec. Mr. (A. G.) Hay

The Committee announced that it had co-opted the following members, Mesdames Paull, Bernard-Carroll, Troedel, Forrester, Stricklam, (Sheila) Ridland, (A. G.) Hay, (Catherine) Carroll, Hutchinson, Waters, Jenkins, Messrs. Holmes, Waters, Andrews, Paull, (Norman) Hosking.

Mr. (John) Carroll moved seconded Mr. (A. G.) Hay that Mrs. Paull’s contribution be used as basis of pamphlet.

2000 copies of said pamphlet were suggested & Mr. Troedel be approached re cost. Secretary will contact Miss (Winifred) Waddell re areas worth preserving in natural state. Secretary will write to Council re Curator Parks & Gardens (who is officer acting as such) & names of councillors on reserve committee to facilitate correspondence.






The name of the organization shall be the ‘Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society’.Objects


The objects of the Society shall be:(a)   to encourage to the greatest degree possible the preservation of the native flora and fauna in the Beaumaris area;


(b)   to encourage and participate in the replanting of native flora in the same area;

(c)   to encourage and participate in the planting of suitable trees and shrubs in nature strips and parks and on the foreshore within the same area;

(d)   to promote a public conscience favourable to the carrying out of the aforesaid objects;

(e)   to buy, sell and lease land and to mortgage the same;

(f)    to

enter into correspondence and to make contracts with other organizations, persons and companies and with municipal and other authorities;(g)   to do all such things as may in the opinion of the Society assist in the promotion of the said objects.



Any person or body may, with approval of the Committee, become a member of the Society on payment of an annual subscription of two shillings or such other sum as is determined by the Society from time to time. Such subscription shall be payable annually not later than the first day of September in each year and shall make a member financial until the 31st day of August in the succeeding year and entitled to exercise the rights of membership.Meetings


The Society shall meet annually during the month of September and at such other intervals or at such times as the President shall fix. The President shall also call a meeting whenever requested in writing by twelve members or one half of the membership whichever is less.Committee


The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a committee elected at a general meeting and thereafter at each annual general meeting and shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, together with such other persons as the Committee may from time to time co-opt.6.

The Committee may make its own rules for the conduct of its meetings and for the conduct of general meetings.Trustees


The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be the trustees of the property of the Society excepting real property. They shall open a bank account in the name of the Society. All cheques must be signed by the following: President, Secretary, Treasurer.8.

There shall be three trustees appointed by the Committee for the purpose of holding any real property of which the Society may become possessed. The trustees shall hold that office until death, retirement or removal by a general meeting.Amendment of Constitution


This Constitution may be amended only by a majority vote at a general meeting of which one month’s notice has been sent through the post to members, or published in the Beaumaris Newsletter, Standard News or other local paper or displayed in any appropriate place or places and containing particulars of the proposed amendments.

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