9th October 2001

Welcome to everyone. 

Firstly I would like to thank Committee members, Zone leaders and members who have so willingly given their time and expertise in running BCS and supporting me as President. There have been so many that I cannot name them all individually, and some have been serving the ideals of BCS
since its inception in 1953. 

I have now completed 2 years as President and am resigning at this AGM. It has been most rewarding for me to have met and worked with our office bearers and other members towards the goals of our shared interest. 

One outcome of recent Committee discussions has been a revised schedule of duties and responsibilities, which, if accepted by our new Committee, could assist smooth operation and be less onerous on office holders. 

In general the main aims of BCS have always been conservation and restoration of the indigenous flora and fauna and the protection of natural landscape, foreshore and seascape in our area. 

In pursuit of those aims some important initiatives have been undertaken during the year, in publishing details of undesirable pest plants and weeds. Also, opportunities have been investigated for funding for posters and booklets showing such plants – this may produce results in the next 12 months. 

We also co-operate with local ‘Friends’ groups and the Council
contractors, in planting, weeding, and watering, particularly on the foreshore. We have also made a request for funding under the Federal Volunteers Grants Scheme. Our submission for this one-off grant is for computer equipment, which could assist BCS Committee work. 

Because of the rise in building activity and the clearing of blocks over the last four years, the focus of BCS has expanded to include planning schemes in Bayside and building developments in Beaumaris. 

During the past year, a great deal of time and effort has been expended by committee members in following the progress of State and Bayside Council building planning schemes, attending meetings, and making submissions
to panels set up by those bodies. 

The long delays in presenting the revised Rescode report has been frustrating, but following the release on 24th of May and the implementation on the 24th of August, there are hopes that the new Rescode can overcome further examples of excessive overdevelopment that our suburb has suffered. 

Rescode, however, does not reflect all the needs of Bayside, and the
panel re-port that followed the Rescode release is disappointing, and
unfortunately did not endorse several of the main local variations as put forward by community groups such as BCS. 

In particular, site density provisions and height control inland from the foreshore were not accepted. However the C2 Amendment panel report is still under review by our Council, and members of BCS committee
together with other interested parties have been invited to a meeting on
October. 16th for further discussion. 

The outcome of any progress will be reported to BCS members by the BCS Committee, and Council can also be expected to publish their findings. 

Future directions for the BCS should mean a reduction in involvement in planning schemes, although I’m sure some attention to local activity will always be required. 

It is in our interest that Bayside councillors, present and future, should always be kept closely informed and sympathetic to our aims in order to represent our views. 

Hopefully BCS’s main efforts in the future can be directed to the maintenance and improvement of our neighbourhood natural environment that so many have worked for since 1953. 

I wish the next office bearers well and will support them in their tasks. 

Regards to all, 

Ted Pearce