President’s Report to the 53rd Annual General Meeting: 2005-09-08

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As usual a number of issues concerning
the neighbourhood amenity of Beaumaris required the time and effort
of your Committee.

Two issues worthy of
comment were:


1. Location
of a skate board facility in the area.
Late last year we
were concerned
about the possible siting of this structure in the Concourse Green and,
in conjunction with a group of residents, prepared a petition
expressing opposition to the use of this site. In January a petition
containing 1,140 signatures was
submitted to Council. After much discussion, including a survey of 8,000
residents in Beaumaris and Black Rock in June 2005, Council voted on 15 August to
locate it in the Beaumaris Reserve. Other potential sites at Balcombe Park and the Concourse Green
were fortunately saved from having their inherent
value diminished by the construction of this facility, which would be almost
equal to the size of a standard building block.

2. Incursion
on Beach Road
landside opposite Ricketts Point Tea House-
. Council has proposed creating
16 recessed car parks and associated vegetation removal for the
apparent benefit of the operators of the Tea House. Friends of Ricketts
Point Landside, ably headed by Sue Raverty, has spent some years
creating a valuable green space by doing the actual hard work to make
it what it is today. The group has correctly objected to this proposal
because of the adverse impact it will have on the marvellous Banksia
trees and surrounding vegetation. BCS Inc. joined with the Friends
Group in objecting to Council. This small section of Beach Road
is one of only three areas of coastal vegetation on the inland side of
the coast road from Port Melbourne to Portsea. It must be protected and
preserved on environmental grounds as opposed to commercial grounds.
Traffic management issues can be adopted without this unnecessary

Of relatively less importance but
still worthy of our involvement is the draft Bayside Footpath Trading Policy 2005
due to be finalized by Council this month. Our concern was the weakening of
conditions that limit some of the potential excesses in the operation
of footpath trading, and relate to sound amplification outside business
premises, signs on the pavement, signs on roundabouts, contrasting colours on signs for
vision-impaired people, a 50% increase in width of signs, and more signs being allowed
where a shop front exceeds 10 m with a maximum of 2 per premises

Other issues relate

1. The location of the
final leg of the cycle path from Cromer Rd to Charman Rd (KCC
decision to run their path along the cliff top south of Charman Rd).

2. Council’s Bridal
Creeper project on the foreshore south of Cromer Rd is welcomed by the Friends Group.

3. The replenishment
of ground water at Balcombe
Park and
Long Hollow Reserve A new member
of BCS Inc, Michael Evans, has been actively involved in this issue

4. Neighbourhood Character review is an
important planning policy on which BCS Inc. has made submissions. (C48)

5. Naming and rezoning
of unnamed areas of public land in Beaumaris

Perhaps a variation
of the old adage “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance” could be
applied to Bayside and the need for residents to be aware of the
routine erosion
of our valuable open green spaces for purposes not for their benefit.

I would now like to
express on your behalf thanks to the outgoing Committee for their work­:

    • Keith Holmes for preparing submissions
      on planning issues.
    • Fiona Austin for her involvement in
      heritage and neighbourhood character issues
    • Geoffrey Goode for his work as
      Treasurer and master letter writer on our behalf
    • Ken Rendell for work on vegetation
      issues and his involvement with Long Hollow Reserve.
    • Ron Morris in his capacity as
      Secretary and minute taker extraordinaire.
    • TedPearce for his constant input when
      tasks need to be done, especially with the preparation of the Bulletin, and together with Diana, allowing the Committee
      to meet at their home.
    • Ingrid Ashford, Josie Cerbasi, Patricia Glazier for their contributions
      especially at Committee meetings.

Finally, Council elections will take
place this year by means of a postal ballot, which will be mailed to residents about 8 to
10 November with Friday, 25 November, being the last day to have
your vote in the hands of the Returning Officer.

Adrian Cerbasi