President’s Report to the 54th Annual General Meeting: 2006-10-05

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The work of the Society continues without
pause in its stated objectives of conservation, restoration of
indigenous flora and fauna, and protection of the natural landscape and
foreshore in Beaumaris.

The Society has made a number of submissions
to Council on these matters. To mention just a few –

Planning Scheme Amendment C49 Beaumaris Concourse, where
we supported
a 2-storey building height limit and
control over future parking proposals.

2.   Amendment C50 relating to
build form and design, traffic and parking, and C52 on the potential
impact on residential building height of dormer and attic windows.

3.   Responding
to tree vandalism on the foreshore reserve and a modified proposal
relating to the proposed screens of the damaged sites.

Improving procedures to enable residents to become aware
of and receive planning
information from Council’s Web site.

5.   Naming and zoning of Beaumaris public
land sites such as Reserve Rd bushland and High St triangle.

skateboard facility continues to be discussed. A Consultative Group was
formed in October 2005 on which BCS Inc. had
representation. After its final meeting in September 2006 Council staff recommended that Council
undertake specific community consultation on a site at Banksia Reserve
or Illaroo Reserve.

We continue to liaise with Council staff on
the final section of the Bayside Bicycle Road
from Cromer Road
to Charman Road.
Our preferred siting is beside the road verge. We have supported Mordialloc-Beaumaris
Conservation League Inc
in its battle with Kingston City Council
over its proposal to continue the Bicycle Road
along the cliff tops south of Charman Road
to Mordialloc Creek instead of along the road verge.

We maintain our membership of Save Our
Suburbs Inc in the ongoing battle against inappropriate development,
and Port Phillip
Conservation Council Inc
particularly on the Port
Phillip Bay channel deepening issue.

We have made a number of submissions to
Council on planning development applications and the constant loss of
vegetation and garden space being replaced with fence to fence
structures and nominal garden space. Fiona Austin will outline specific

Council elections held in November 2005
introduced a number of new councillors who, with sitting councillors,
have shown a strong and consistent attitude in retaining the
neighbourhood character of Bayside. Unfortunately too many of their
decisions are overturned at VCAT in favour of developers. This is
reflected in a groundswell of opposition again developing throughout Melbourne,
led by Bayside, to the extent of a new political party being formed in Brighton.

Again we should thank members of the
outgoing Committee for their dedicated work in furthering the
objectives of the Society­: Fiona Austin, Keith Holmes and Chris
Sutton for preparing submissions on planning matters, Ron Morris for
his work as Secretary, Geoffrey
Goode as Treasurer, Ken Rendell for his work on vegetation
issues, Ted Pearce for the range of tasks he willingly undertakes and
with Diana for allowing us to hold our Committee meetings at their
home, and Patricia Glazier, Ingrid Ashford, Josie Cerbasi, Rod Nash and
Ian Wong as Zone Leaders and for their input at Committee meetings.

Finally thanks to members for your continuing support through your membership, which is the life support of the Society.

Adrian Cerbasi President