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Address by BCS Inc. President to Special Meeting on Heritage of Bayside Council’s General Committee

Members of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc., of which I am President, have been appalled, as have many other Beaumaris residents, by the destruction of important heritage buildings that has occurred in other parts of Bayside municipality in recent years.

BCS Inc. strongly encourages and supports Bayside City Council in its endeavours to prevent further destruction. In particular BCS Inc. supports the adoption of Planning Amendment C6 proceeding to an Independent Panel, and the eventual permanent protection of properties by Heritage Overlays.

BCS Inc. reminds Council that Alan Lovell’s Heritage Review Study was a Bayside-wide study. Consequently, and for the first time, many properties of significant heritage value in Beaumaris were identified and recorded. The protection of these properties from destruction or unsympathetic development is the responsibility of Bayside City Council. A recent application to demolish the heritage house at 495 Balcombe Road, Beaumaris, highlights again, as earlier tragic losses of heritage properties in other parts of Bayside have demonstrated, the need for the 2003-2006 Council not to procrastinate (as previous Bayside Councils have done), or to engage in half measures.

BCS Inc. fully endorses the printed recommendations by Council staff to prepare an Amendment to include the heritage house and grounds at 5 Edward Street, Sandringham, in a Heritage Overlay. Bayside Municipality has greatly benefited from the efforts of Guy Boyd:
· who lived at that former Boyd family home in the 1980s,
· who, from 1973 to 1976, was President of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. is an inaugural and   continuing Member Organization, and
· who was a significant leader in conservation activities in Brighton.

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