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Issue of the Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. Bulletin

 Water Conservation Expo, 14-15 December 2002 (entry free), at Beaumaris Community Centre, Reserve Road, promoted by Bayside City Council

 Click here to see the submission Bayside City Council made to the Senate Committee “Urban Water Inquiry”, whose report has just been tabled in the Senate

 Proposed Amendment C28 to give Bayside Council power to allow “sponsored” advertising signs at those Council Reserves that include sports clubs


Threat of incursion into Beach Park foreshore reserve land if uncompleted Charman to Cromer Road bicycle road section is not confined to the road reservation

 The Minister gave consent under the Coastal Management Act to the Ricketts Point “Tea-house” proposal in November, except that she did not assent to the balcony.

 A petition of over 970 signatures to be sent to Bayside City Council, to help save Beaumaris Concourse Green Open Space from becoming mostly car park


 Objection to Extension of Ricketts Point Teahouse by Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. is a Member Organization

Minutes of the 50th Annual General Meeting of the Beaumaris Conservation Society, in 2002


 Bayside Planning Application 2002/7888, 25 September 2002, Royal Melbourne Golf Club: Removal of Trees, Reserve Road [Objectors should respond by 9/10/2002]

Bayside Planning Application 2002/1719, 19 September 2002, Renato Poci: Extension of Restaurant (Ricketts Point “Teahouse”)  [Objectors should respond by 03/10/2002]

 Bayside Council calls Public Meeting at Ricketts Point Teahouse, on Tuesday 10th September 2002, at 6 p.m., to view plans for a proposed second storey extension

Submission to Bayside Council by PPCC Inc. supporting proposed Amendment C25 prohibiting future “roof terraces” on structures near the coastline of Bayside municipality


Planning Application 2001/6835 for 3 two-storey dwellings at 1 Point Avenue withdrawn as at 27th August 2002

MARCH 2002

Join the BCS Inc. group for Clean Up Australia Day work in Beach Park, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, on the Land Side of Beach Park directly opposite the Ricketts Point teahouse, on Sunday, 3rd March 2002.


 New list of Non-indigenous and Pest Plants, and Indigenous Plants, on the Beaumaris Foreshore

Click here to visit the Web site of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc.