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BCS Inc. still objects to the two dwellings (Agenda 4.1.1) for 5 Haydens Road. Needless duplication of car down-ramp holes to 2 separate underground garages is opposed.

Congratulations to CityWide for its quick and thorough eradication of localized Crassula microcava infestation in Beach Park alongside bicycle road at Tramway Parade, Beaumaris

Objection to application for permit to build a balcony on 31a North Concourse, Beaumaris, in the airspace over public street space, which also conflicts with 2 street trees, upheld by Council


Minutes of the 54th Annual General Meeting of the Beaumaris Conservation Society, in 2006

Deauville Estate threat averted by VCAT’s upholding of Bayside City Council’s refusal of a permit for overdevelopment of 26 Deauville Street

BCS Inc. letter to Bayside City Council suggesting that a screening planting would soften the unilateral intrusion of telecom cabinets onto Beach Park, near Surf Avenue.

Report to BCS Inc. members on Channel Deepening Focus Group meeting attended by President and Treasurer representing BCS Inc.

Changed version of Beaumaris Concourse Activity Centre Planning Scheme Amendment C49 sent to Panel

JULY 2006

BCS Inc. tells Bayside City councillors that staff report to Council on the BCS Inc. objections to Planning Amendment C49 “Beaumaris Concourse Activity Centre” is most unpersuasive.

BCS Inc. supports the strong emphasis Bayside City Council is placing on counteracting tree vandalism, but it suggests better alternatives to the screens currently being considered.

Yellow Planning Application notice appeared on 29th June 2006 on the Keefer Factory site at 28-30 Martin Street, Beaumaris, for four 2-storey dwellings and underground car parking

JUNE 2006

Decisions against multiple 2-storey dwellings, by Bayside City Council on lots at 9 Pasadena Avenue, and 124 Tramway Parade, Beaumaris; and VCAT on 17 Ozone Avenue, Beaumaris

MARCH 2006

BEAUMARIS CONCOURSE ACTIVITY CENTRE PLANNING SCHEME AMENDMENT C49: BCS opposes Amendment C49 aspects. See President’s letter here.

NEED TO NAME & UPGRADE ZONING OF BEAUMARIS PUBLIC LAND: BCS Inc. letter to Bayside City Council seeks naming & more appropriate zoning for ten special areas.

Deauville Estate Residents Group was formed to oppose multiple dwellings on the Deauville Estate lots, which are understood to all be subject to single dwelling covenants.

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