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  • MPs LISTENING TO BCS INC. ABOUT BICYCLE ROAD ROUTE:  Murray Thompson MLA and Sue Pennicuik MLC have walked along the route with BCS Inc. officers.
  • TREE REMOVAL APPLICATION CONTESTED:  Staff report on unadvertised Coreen Ave bid [Item 1.15, P. 196] to remove trees recommends permit to remove 6 tea trees.
  • NEW PLANNING OVERLAYS: Find out more about Bayside Council’s moves for possible Neighbourhood Character, and Significant Landscape, Overlays in Beaumaris.


  • LIGHTING STRATEGY SURVEY: BCS Inc’s letter to Bayside City Council seeks a policy of no artificial lighting in parks or on the foreshore, except for specific, justified cases.
  • GEO-4: Read the full report (22 MB) on Global Environment Outlook by the United Nations Environment Program. Effects of population size and rate of increase loom large.
  • REPORT ON OPTIONS FOR BICYCLE ROAD ROUTE: Our Bicycle Road page details the staff report options, and Council’s further request for room on the road reserve.


  • PLANNED REMOVAL OF HEALTHY MATURE TREES:   BCS Inc. objects to this aspect of Bayside Council’s restoration of the Keys Street car park it has long neglected.


  • BAYSIDE PLANNING SCHEME – CONCOURSE: Bayside Council meeting of 2007–08-28 received the Panel Report on Amendment C49, but requested some further changes.
  • TEA HOUSE: Bayside City Council meeting of 2007-08-28 resolved to not agree to the tenant’s request to be allowed to apply for a liquor licence or extended hours.
  • CLOSE BUILDING THREAT TO ROOTS: Threats to root systems of significant indigenous trees from intensive development proposals: See details of two important examples.

JULY 2007

  • Congratulations to CityWide for removing the inappropriate palm tree on the Foreshore Reserve opposite 362 Beach Road , Black Rock. Three other foreshore palms should also be removed.
  • Call for volunteers to be guides at Gramatan Avenue and Bay Road Heathland Sanctuaries for 2 hours on Sundays in  next 2 months – no experience necessary. Click for more.

MAY 2007

  • Site for a Bayside Council junior skateboard ramp: Council focuses on a specific, largely grassed area, just north of the football pavilion at Donald MacDonald Reserve.
  • House at 50 Wells Road, Beaumaris, home of John and Helen Iggulden when John founded Port Phillip Conservation Council, has just received National Trust classification.