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CALL FOR CONCOURSE BUSHLAND REZONING: BCS Inc. letter to Bayside Council seeks rezoning of the Concourse Bushland to Public Park & Recreation.

SUBMISSION ON OPEN SPACE STRATEGY: BCS Inc. has responded to Draft No. 1 of the Bayside City Council Open Space Strategy 2007-17.

STATE OF THE ENVIRONMENT REPORT 2008: Report warns of the fool’s paradise Victoria is becoming as Government fails to restrain unsustainable materialism.

DECLARATION OF THE BAYSIDE CITY COUNCIL POLLS: See photograph of the Declaration of the Poll, and voting figures for each candidate in each ward.

WALK ALONG BICYCLE ROAD ROUTE: See report of inspection walk with VicRoads Regional Director arranged by Evan Thornley MLC.


CANDIDATES’ RESPONSES Southern Ward candidates’ responses on the Bayside Leader website instead of in the paper (see Northern and Central Wards also).

ADVERTISEMENT PROMOTESSOUTHERN WARD CANDIDATES: An advertisement on Page 20 of the Bayside Leader of 2008-11-04 supports Cr Michael Norris & Darrell Reid.

MARINE CARE RICKETTS POINT NEWSLETTER: See the habitat map of the Marine Sanctuary, and other good articles in this final 2008 issue, by clicking here.


BEAUMARIS RESERVE MASTER PLAN: This new plan is accessible here, and includes some aspects that BCS Inc. put to the Council at its public consultation stage.

PUBLIC LAND DEVELOPMENT REPORT: See report of the Upper House Committee on Public Land Development, to which BCS Inc. made Submission No. 12, now tabled.

BEAUMARIS CONSERVATION PIONEERS: Article on Pages 30-31 of Victorian National Parks Association’s “Parkwatch” of September 2008 on BCS Inc’s pioneers

DEAD MANNA GUM REPLACEMENT: BCS Inc.’s letter to Bayside Council asks it to plant one or more Manna Gums to replace the dead Manna Gum in the Concourse Bushland.


PLANNING MINISTER PARODIED BY CLARKE & DAWES: A revealing short video pokes pertinent fun at the outlook and modus operandi of Victoria’s Planning Minister.

BICYCLE ROAD PETITION NOW IN PARLIAMENT: Legislative Council minutes of 2008-07-30 (Item 3) record Andrea Coote MLC tabling a petition of 599 signatures.


PROTECTIVE MEASURES IN BEACH PARK NEAR TEA HOUSE: BCS Inc. supports Council’s protective measures against falling Banksia limbs and foredune ersosion.

GOOD VCAT REASONING IN A 2008 BLACK ROCK CASE: VCAT’s reasons for upholding Bayside City Council’s refusal of a tree removal permit set a fine precedent.


GREENS MP’s SPEECH TO PARLIAMENT: Southern Metro MLC Sue Pennicuik’ s speech tells how road edge space can save Beach Park and asks Minister to meet BCS Inc.

FOUR BICYCLE ROAD OPTIONS FOR PUBLIC COMMENT: Bayside Council (Item 7.1.2) will canvass 4 options, from the sound on-road option to the 2 bad bisecting options.

BCS INC. WRITES TO ROADS MINISTER: A letter to Hon. Tim Pallas asks him to walk alongside Beach Rd with BCS Inc. officers to show him how Beach Park can be saved.

BICYCLE ROAD PLAN WORSENS: A Bayside City Council staff
report (Item 4.1) to the General Committee on Tuesday 2008-06-17 proposes bisecting Beach Park with a 2.5 metre concrete bicycle road. VicRoads and its Minister will not provide room on the road reservation. The route alignment map shows how it would substantially replace the existing walking track with concrete.

SANDRINGHAM ENVIRONMENT SERIES: The former Sandringham City Council’s 8 informative, illustrated booklets about local birds, indigenous plants, geology, and marine life

COMMENT ON DRAFT 2 OF BATHING BOX POLICY: The BCS Inc. letter welcomes certain improvements made, and suggests some other changes.


BEAUMARIS BAY “DISMAY”: The Bayside Leader local newspaper gives a front page report on BCS Inc. warnings about the proposal for a large marina in Beaumaris Bay.

116-BERTH MARINA SOUGHT IN BEAUMARIS BAY: Club seeks a marina and more Bay filling on the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site, and more works on its leased, filled site.

VCAT RULING ON TREES IN OAK STREET: After a resident’s appeal, VCAT has reduced the number of trees that Bayside City Council had earlier required to be retained.


BCS INC. ‘DROUGHT PROOF YOUR GARDEN’ FUNCTION: The function was successfully held on the Concourse Green, on 19th April 2008.

APPLICATION FEES – LARGE TREE OR INDIGENOUS VEGETATION PERMITS: BCS Inc. letter to Bayside Council seeks removal of fees that deter planting of such plants.



COMMENT ON DRAFT STREET TREE STRATEGY: 2008 draft to replace 1997 Strategy. Respond to Council’s online survey on this important draft! Read BCS Inc’s response.

SURVEY ON LIGHTING PARKS AND FORESHORE: Bayside Council General Committee 2008-03-18 minutes Item 4.4 voted against further lighting. BCS Inc’s letter was noted.

COUNCIL ALTERS DRAFT BATHING BOX POLICY: Bayside City Council has altered the draft Bathing Box Policy under consideration, and will seek further comment.

PROPOSED EXTRA SIGNS ON BEAUMARIS FORESHORE: BCS Inc. letter seeks less clutter and visual intrusion. See photos of the 193 signs on the Marine Park section

KEYS STREET CAR PARK TREES: BCS Inc.’s concern about over-enthusiastic tree removal and replacement plan is supported by an arborist’s report.


DISQUIET ON PROPOSED NEW RESIDENTIAL ZONES: See Government’s discussion paper and details of its information sessions. No mention of its Population Policy.

OBJECTION TO HIGH 3-STOREY PROPOSAL FOR EAST CONCOURSE:BCS Inc. letter of objection points out the clash with recently decided Council policy.

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