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*BIG TREE SLAUGHTER AT COLLEGE SITE: Disgusted citizens saw a tragedy. A 100% indigenous planting is now needed.
*MRS JOAN KRSTIC: A BCS Inc. member since 1997, Joan died on 2016-12-10.
*PROFESSIONAL ARBORIST’S REPORT ON COLLEGE SITE TREES: This important arborist’s report is accessible here.
*BCS INC. THANKS CHRIS SUTTON: BCS Inc’s letter under seal thanked Chris, a former BCS Inc. President, for his great work.
*SCHOOL BUILDING AUTHORITY’S ‘INFORMATION SESSION’: VSBA’s session, on Friday, 25 November, was inept.
*BEAUMARIS PRIMARY: School newsletter shows BCS Inc. President’s letter applauding the school winning a Biodiversity Award.
*IMPORTANT LETTER: BCS Inc. publishes a strong letter to the Education Minister on major issues with the school site process.
*VIDEO: See a 7-minute video of Heather Stewart explaining the importance of retaining trees, including the River Red Gums.
*INFORMATION SESSION: A full meeting heard report of work to reduce tree loss & avoid non-indigenous planting at School site.
*SECONDARY COLLEGE TREES: Plans and details of tree removal and replacement provided by School Building Authority.
*BAYSIDE COUNCIL ELECTION RESULTSThe polls were declared at 5:30 p.m. on 2016-11-02 at the Bayside Corporate Centre.
*229 TREES TO GO AT SECONDARY COLLEGE: BCS Inc. and Bayside City Council want details of trees and time to consider.
*BCS INC. THANKS CR HEATHER STEWART: BCS Inc’s letter under seal thanked Heather for her fine work on Bayside Council.
*SUPPORTING BAYSIDE’S CR LAURIE EVANS: BCS Inc. advertisements in Bayside Leader urge ‘VOTE 1 Laurie Evans’.
JULY 2016
*APPLICATION FOR NATIONAL HERITAGE LISTING: The application for Beaumaris Bay is now on the federal heritage website.
*BCS INC. BULLETIN: July 2016 issue features Concourse Master Plan, marina threat, footpath concreting, and Amendment C140.
JUNE 2016
*BCS INC. CONGRATULATES BAYSIDE CITY COUNCIL: The Council readily agreed to BCS Inc’s request to soon remove the four large basalt boulders on the beach just north of Table Rock Point, and has now done so. Neither Council staff nor BCS Inc. is aware of how, why or when the large extraneous boulders came to be there.
*PRINCIPAL HERITAGE LIST NOMINATOR HONOURED: Assoc. Prof. Vicki Kotsirilos, President of the Sandringham Foreshore Association, whose married name is Karalis, and who was a principal of the Consortium that has nominated Beaumaris Bay for Australia’s National Heritage List, was listed in the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours List as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).
*PLANNING PANEL REPORT ON C140: Council will develop its response to the recommendation to abandon Amendment C140.
APRIL 2016
*GIANT WHALE TOOTH AT BEAUMARIS: Museum Victoria confirms Beaumaris as site of Australia’s largest-ever whale tooth find.
*ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY FRAMEWORK: BCS Inc’s comment submitted on Bayside City Council document
*APPEARANCES BEFORE C140 PLANNING PANEL: BCS Inc. officers addressed the Panel to support the C140 Amendment.
MARCH 2016
*ARTICLE IN VNPA MAGAZINE: Threat to Beaumaris Bay is reported in Victorian National Parks Association’s March Park Watch.
*MLC ASKS MINISTER TO NOT RENEW BMYS LTD LEASE: Greens MLC for Southern Metropolitan Region, Sue Pennicuik, has asked, in Parliament, the Environment Minister to not renew Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Ltd’s lease on its expiry in 2018.
*CONSORTIUM NOMINATES BEÅUMARIS BAY: Beaumaris Bay has been nominated for Australia’s National Heritage List.
*DRAFT LANDSCAPE POLICY: BCS Inc. letter commented on Bayside City Council’s draft policy.
*RESPONSE TO COUNCIL FOOTPATH POLICY: BCS Inc. letter asks Council to recognize where paved footpaths should not be built.

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