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Vote & bet Bayside buzzing

We seek your support for a fantastic local initiative by one of our members, Eleanor Philpotts.

Eleanor has submitted an application for their project idea, The Bayside Backyard Bee Project, for Pick My Project – a $30 million Victorian Government community grants initiative. The BCS committee supports Eleanor’s application, and she has nominated BCS as the not-for-profit organisation associated with the project.

An estimated 30% of our food production, and most of our favourite garden plants are dependent on the pollination provided by bees, however these hardworking little creatures are increasingly under threat from pesticides and loss of habitat.

The Bayside Backyard Bee Project will provide residents the opportunity to give bees and other local wildlife a helping hand through the distribution of 100 ‘bee friendly’ pollinator plants, and support to establish 20 new Backyard Beekeepers. Bayside residents will make connections through a shared interest and build their own ‘Beekeeping community’ as they improve the health of their neighbourhood environment.

How can you help?

The application has made it past the first round of vettin and now there’s a round of public voting, concluding on Monday 17 September.

To vote, you’ll need to:

Once you have registered, you will have three votes to spend on project ideas you would like to see funded in your local community.

Please get behind this worthy local initiative. And of course BCS members will have an opportunity to get involved if we are selected to receive a grant.